The Test Days of Formula One in Montmeló finished last week (they took place from the 21st to the 24th of February and from the 1st and the 4th of March). About 60 000 people have assisted those test days during which the Finnish racing driver Kimi Räikkönen, who compete for the Lotus stable, posted the fastest time on covering the Montmeló Circuit. He set its best lap in 1:22.030. Montmeló is now busy preparing the 2012 Grand Prix of Spain.

The 2012 Spain GP will take place between the 10th and the 13th of May in the Circuit de Catalunya. For the Formula One fanatics, this Grand Prix is a dreamed opportunity to enjoy the adrenaline that speed brings. Moreover, they will also be able to enjoy the extraordinary circuit which is close from the amazing city of Barcelona. Indeed, it is really easy to move from Montmeló to Barcelona so that the best alternative as you assist the GP is to rent an apartment in Barcelona.

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The 2012 Santander GP of Catalunya lasts three days. The event will start on Thursday, the 10th of May, and on this day it will be possible to visit the Pit Lane of the Circuit and see the drivers and their mechanics in the pits. On Friday, the 11th of May, the adrenaline will start to go up as the 2012 Spain GP will actually start with the drivers´ training session. On the Saturday, 12th of May, the pole position will take place and finally on Sunday, the 13th of May, the fifth race of the 2012 World Championship Formula One will start.

The entrance tickets for the Formula 1 Catalunya race are available either at servicaixa or through voice call. Two modes of payment are available to acquire the tickets: single payment or monthly funding without interests using participant credit card (to enjoy this latter option you need to phone the following number: (+34)902.810.010. The entrance costs vary according the number of days you want to assist the GP but also according the area of the Circuit that you select. Prices vary from 50€ (only for training sessions) to 450€ if you buy the 3-days pass to assist the event in the main stand. If you only want to assist the race, it will cost you 200€.

toda espana deportes barcelona  Formula 1 in  Barcelona Sports Barcelona

Vive toda la emoción de la F1 a unos minutos de Barcelona

How to reach Barcelona from Montmeló?

Located 32 kilometers away from Barcelona, the Circuit de Catalunya is easy to access. You can go there with your car in which case you need to consider the parking cost (you need to make a reservation before you come). Another option is to go to Montmeló taking the line 2 of the train from Cercanías (Barcelona – Maçanet Massanes). Trains leave each 30 minutes and the journey lasts 23 minutes. You must consider that the Circuit is situated 30 minutes´ walk from the train station (the way to the Circuit is perfectly indicated).

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