The end of the holidays brings new emotions to Barcelona. Just as the year starts and the bustle’s back in the city, this time with the intense activity of the sales in Barcelona. So far, it appears that the sales season in Barcelona will start as every year on January 7th (at least that’s what large retail chains have announced). With a little luck, however, you might find sensational opportunities during the previous days. This is because the new legislation to extend or modify the normal periods on which you can get discount to start on January 1, if the establishments choose to.

So, this time you should be aware of the announcements that big chain stores and designer shops might do in the coming days. This new method will bring advantages for buyers, but also force them to pay attention to advertising in order to take advantage of discounts as it will not be enough to hit the streets on the first days of the traditional season.

Furthermore, the sales season is still adjusting to the usual trends. During the first few weeks there will be a greater variety of items offered, with initial discounts that can range from 10% to 30%. These discounts will increase as we approach the start of spring. In early February you could find the best prices on a large number of garments, footwear, accessories and appliances, but it is also possible that the sizes, colors and designs are not as varied.

We recommend you read our previous posts on the best areas for shopping in Barcelona, as well as some tips to make the most out of the sales season.

Do not forget the basics: keep in mind what you want to buy, bring a wallet or purse that’s practical and easy to keep with you all the time and wear comfortable shoes. Finally, bring all of your patience and feel like having fun. In 2013, the sales season  will be quite a surprise.

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