Easter Week is a very special time for catholics, as it is the conmemoration for passion, death and ressurrection of Jesus Christ. If you are looking for the best plan in these dates, a trip to Barcelona in Easter Week 2011 is a great option, as you will be able to enjoy catholic devotion and at the same time, a city full of attractions and charm. Also, if you plan to come to the city, we are presenting you an offer to travel to Barcelona in Easter Week, that you will find at the end of this article.

One of the thing you should know is that in Catalonia, including Barcelona, the holidays for Holly Week are from Holy Friday to Easter Monday; this is different from the rest of Spain, whe holidays are from Holy Thrusday to Easter Sunday. This is an advntage if you decide to come to Barcelona during Holy Week, as stores and shops will be fully opened on thrusday April 21st.

Religious activities for Easter Week in Barcelona:

Palm Sunday:

Holy Week celebration begins with Palm Sunday, on April 17th. There is a procession around Barcelona’s Gothic Cathedral and the tradicional benediction of the palms.

Holy Thrusday:

This day catholics usuallly do a traditional pilgrimage for seven (07) churches; doing this pilgrimage in Barcelona is such a pleasure,as the city has amazing churches. Without any doubts, the most magnificent one is the Expiatory Temple of the Holy Family (La Sagrada Familia), designed by the great modernist architect Antonio Gaudí, so staying in  an apartment  nearby Sagrada Familia would be and ideal option.

Some of the most beautiful temples in Barcelona we suggest you to visite are:

1.       Sagrada Familia (located at Sagrada Familia square, Eixample district): Even though it hasn`t been finished yet, this magnificent temple shows all the splendor of catalonian modernism. Visiting this temple and going up to one of it tower will leave you speachless.

2.       Santa Maria del Mar Church: (Santa María square, 1, Born neighborhood) Also known as Cathedral of the Sea (La Catedral del Mar), this gothic temple has a singular history, as it was built in only 57 years, a record considering the timing when it was built, so it was not influenced for any other architectonical style, and for this reason it is the masterpiece of  catalonian gothic architecture

3.       Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Holy Eulalia (Seu Square, 2, Gothic Quarter) La Catedral de Santa Cruz y Santa Eulalia: Also known as Gothic Cathedral or Cathedral of Barcelona, is a luxury jewel for medieval architecture.

4.       Sant Pere de les Puelles Church: (Lluis el Piadòs street, 1, Born area) unknown for many people, it was an old monastery; the magic of this church is on the inside, different from you can see in most churches in Barcelona; even though is very dark inside, has magnificent archeries and dome with romanic style.

5.       Santa María del Pi Church: (Cardenal Casañas, 16, Gothic Quarter) Another gothic temple in Barcelona; in spite of being less impressive that the other gothic churches in town has a wonderful  stained-glass windows in the front.

6.       Nuestra Señora de la Merced Church :  (Mercé square, 1, Gothic Quarter) This is one the most important churches for locals, as it is the house for the Virgin of Mercy, patron saint of Barcelona

7.      Expiatory Temple of the Holy Heart (Sagrado Corazón): It is a church built in the first half of XX century at Tibidado mountain,  and it architectural style is framed in catalonian modernism.

Beside this amazing ctemples, there are  more  catholic churches in Barcelona.

If you’d like to visit important churches during Holy Week, we strongly suggest you to look for accomodation in apartments Barcelona nearby Sagrada Familia, as having the possibility to see this marvelous temple is such a privilege, beside it is a quiet neighborhood well comunicated with city centre, either by metro or by bus. It would also be great to stay in apartments in Barcelona in the old city, specifically in  apartments in Barcelona in Born neighborhood or apartments in Barcelona at Gothic Quarter, as these areas area close to the the marvelous barcelonian gothic temples, as well as the procession routes.

toda espana consejos de viaje barcelona  Barcelona Tourist info Easter Barcelona Things to do in Barcelona Cathedral of the sea
Sagrada Familia Temple, Passion Facade – Photo by Eduardo Casal
toda espana consejos de viaje barcelona  Barcelona Tourist info Easter Barcelona Things to do in Barcelona Cathedral of the sea
Santa Maria del Mar, photo by Gabriela Angulo

Holy Friday:

This day there are 2 main processions in Barcelona:

  • Nuestra Señora de las Angustias (our Lady of Sorrows) procession, starting at Sant Jaume church at 6:30 pm aprox. and going to different points at Gothic Quarter, ending around 11 pm.
  • Nuestro Padre Jesús del Gran Poder y María Santísima de la Esperanza Macarena (Our Father Jesus of the Great Power and Holy Virgin of Macarena) Starting at  Sant Agustí church at El Raval, going for different point os this neighborhood and Gothic Quarter.

Shopping Routes during Holy Week in Barcelona:

As we have already said, holidays in Barcelona for Holy Week begings on Holy Friday April 22nd, that is the reason why shops and store stay opened on Holy Thrusday, so if you come to Barcelona you can go shopping on this day.

In Barcelona, you will find lots of stores, from famous worldwide known designers, to affordable stores. There are important shopping malls in Barcelona, and specially, commercial streets with a  many stores. We suggest you to visit our  Guide: what to do in Barcelona?, in pages 4-5 you’ll find a selection of the most important stores in town.

If you plan to go shopping in Barcelona during Easter holidays, we suggest you stay in apartments in Barcelona nearby the main shopping areas, such as apartments in Barcelona in Paseo de Gracia and apartments in Barcelona in Plaza Cataluña.

However, if you want to go shopping in the middle of the holidays, do not worry! you can always go to Maremagnum shopping mall, located at Ciutat Vella (old city), the only shopping mall in Barcelona opens on sundays and holidays amd here you’ll find stores and restaurants. Also, if you prefer to go out of Barcelona, in the lovely locality of  Castelldefels you’ll find Ànecblau shopping mall,  that also stays opens during Holy Week.

toda espana consejos de viaje barcelona  Barcelona Tourist info Easter Barcelona Things to do in Barcelona Cathedral of the sea
Maremagnum. Photo by Eduardo Casal

Easter Week in Barcelona with kids in Barcelona

If you’re planning to spend Easter week in Barcelona with children, the city brings amusing options for kid’s entertainment, available during holidays:

Visiting Barcelona’s Zoo:

Located at La Ciutadella Park, Barcelona’s zoo is a great option for entertainment if you’re visiting the city with children. Some of the most important animal species in the zoo are: hippopotamus, gorillas, orangutan, gazelles, macaws, parrots, flamingos, ostrichs, bisons, buffalos, kangaroos, elephant, chetaahs, giraffes, panthers, pythons, bears, rhinoceros, porcupines, wolves, and more.

Visiting Barcelona’s Aquarium:

Barcelona’s Aquarium is the most important aquarium for mediterranium fauna. It is located at Ciutat Vella, at Port Vell area, and here you’ll see plenty of different species of fishes and an oceanarium. One of the most impressive parts of the aquarium is going through the shark tunnel, where you can see different kinds of sharks; also you will see areas with different animals, such as alligators, moon fishes, and even penguins! This is a place to be in Barcelona; even though the tickets aren’t cheap, it is trully understandable considering how expensive should be to keep this building with a good maintenance.

toda espana consejos de viaje barcelona  Barcelona Tourist info Easter Barcelona Things to do in Barcelona Cathedral of the sea
Shark at Barcelona’s aquarium, photo by supersum in Flickr

Uncommon activities to do in Barcelona:

We have already writted about Barcelona’s aquarium as an activities if you come to the city with children; however, one of the most exciting activities to do in Barcelona is having the courage to make an  immersion with sharks at Barcelona’s aquarium.  The requirement to make this activity is to have a scuba diving certification.

Traditional Easter food in Barcelona:

For all of those with a sweet tooth, or even for who are not really into sweets, pay attention to bakeries in Barcelona during Easter time, to see -and try- the traditional Esaster dessert in Catalonia, Mona de Pascua.

toda espana consejos de viaje barcelona  Barcelona Tourist info Easter Barcelona Things to do in Barcelona Cathedral of the sea
Mona de Pascua, photo by CGPXK in Flickr

Mona de Pascua is a traditional cake formerly decorated with hard boiled eggs, thta has been replaced for chocolate eggs nowadays. Traditionally, the godfather gives this cake to his godchildrens and the family eats it during Easter Monday.

The art of making Monas de Pascua for Easter week in Barcelona Semana is a great event, just passing through bakeries windows in Easter Week to see pieces of art made with chocolate by talented pastissiers.

If you want to taste one of the best Monas de Pascua in Barcelona, go to Casa Vives (it has 2 stores, one located at Sants 74 and the other one in Rambla de Cataluña 58) .

Other activities for Easter Week in Barcelona:

If you want to come to Barcelona during Easter Week, you offer you a discount for accomodation in apartments in Barcelona, as long as the reservations are made until Sunday February 6th, 2011. For claiming your discount, go to Desig Barcelona website, choose the apartment you like, calculate reserve and enter this promotional code:   4d3d66573474a.



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