Some traditions in Barcelona in December are to organize a trip to buy as many things one can imagine in a market. This is a very old tradition, carried on from parents to children for many generations. Some of the oldest markets are right outside, boasting a whole lot of small stores or stalls called “Locales.” There is one market that can be found from November 27 up to December 23 in front of the Barcelona Cathedral, the Fira of Santa Llucia Market. The Santa Llucia Market is probably the most important Christmas street market, and certainly an old tradition, dating back to 1786. This might seem as an exaggeration, but there are several sources that confirm this date, like one from a famous Catalan writer known as the Baron of Malda who mentioned this Market as a place crowded with people where many things could be bought, from Christmas figures to animals.

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The Fira De Nadal is another great option to visit in Barcelona at Christmas. It is located in the Sagrada Familia  square and, just like the Fira of Santa Llucia, everything is sold there, from Christmas trees to a small figure placed in the nativity scene called the Caganer and the famous Catalan Cagatio, as well as all kinds of decorative Christmas figures and lights. Christmas in Barcelona is taken very seriously, so it is very typical to go to these markets to buy everything the family needs, making these markets one of the most profitable activities for Barcelona´s economy.

Renting apartments for Christmas in Barcelona gives the tourist the perfect opportunity to make a trip to these Christmas street markets in Barcelona, Spain. These Markets are so crowded before Christmas in Barcelona because they sell everything to decorate homes with Christmas related stuff to take back to your accommodation for Christmas in Barcelona.

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