Today, we are offering you a different night in the most underground and alternative Barcelona.

Undoubtedly, the wildest night, and most alternative night of Barcelona, is found in the Raval district (the old Chinatown of Barcelona)

We invite you to enjoy a night a little crazy, where you will meet the corners, and the most cosmopolitan people, quirky and eclectic of the night of Barcelona

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We begin the night with one of the most eclectic and original place of Barcelona,  Calle Guardia 14, and since 1982 we find La Concha of the Chinatown, where you can also take cocktails, teas Arabs, or smoke water pipes (shisha , Caximba). You’ll be amazed by its eclectic decor, where the Arabic is mixed, with hundreds of photographs of Sara Montiel literally lining the walls of this place. All this in a cosmopolitan atmosphere, with Arabic, Spanish and international music. A place that will not leave you indifferent.

After this first experience, if we do not leave the neighborhood, what’s better than having dinner at a restaurant that has experienced the Raval and the Chinese from their origins. The Can Lluís (calle la Cera 49) is a classic of the Raval: an unpretentious restaurant, with a popular and familiar atmosphere where you feel home and where you eat like in very few places in Barcelona. It is for this reason that countless popular characters, actors, writers, sportsmen meet themselves regularly in this landmark also hosts exhibitions of painting and photography, artists in the neighborhood.

After dinner, we’ll go to have a drink, we recomend  la Penúltima, (riera alta 40) to start.

The winery The Penultimate still houses the old barrels that give away his past, and today is one of the favorite bars for night owls who move through the Raval district. A haven where gay and straight community joins hands, and in which the baroque decoration combines vintage and pop loose.

And after a few drinks in la penúltima, and with the intention of further heat engines, to enjoy the best conditions this evening, we recommend taking a few shots in 2 of the most curious places of this unique neighborhood

toda espana gay lesbiana barcelona  Nightlife Barcelona Gay Barcelona

Primero iremos a  la Cazalla, (en la esquina del Arc del Teatre con la Rambla) El bar más pequeño de Barcelona, en apenas 2 metros cuadrados este antiguo kiosco de 1912 por las noches reúne  todo tipo de persona, punkies, heavys, drag Queens, turistas, o modernos entre otros. Su especialidad es la Cazalla un licor de 50 %, a solo 1 € el chupito.

toda espana gay lesbiana barcelona  Nightlife Barcelona Gay Barcelona

After taking a shot of Cazalla (recommend no more than 1 per person), go to another local singular, the Marseille bar (calle Sant Pau 65), one of the oldest and most traditional bar of Barcelona. In 1820, this local bohemian-looking and always lively, with people of all kinds and of all countries. The most popular are their glasses of absinthe, a liqueur of French origin which became popular among the European avant-garde artists

After the absinthe experience, full of energy and eager to listen to some music, we recommend La Bata de Boatiné -C/ Robador, 23. Bar Marsella is close, is a wild cocktail bar very close, but the atmosphere and music that blends postmodern depeche mode, with music by song, in a modern environment, indigenous, and transvestites make him get hooked immediately

toda espana gay lesbiana barcelona  Nightlife Barcelona Gay Barcelona

And hence, if we intend to continue the party, jump and dance to burn all the alcohol that we could take, we have 2 alternative clubs, on the one hand, el moog, a classic avant-garde electronic music, and opens all day of the week

And secondly el Cangrejo (montserraT nº 9) is a local seedy but charming. With a retro-kitsch decor, you can attend a variety of shows, from pop revival sessions to show transvestites. A shameless place to stick a shimmy, laughs with songs from the 80 and 90. And have a good time in the company of your friends

And after closing the last local neighborhood, what is typical on a night like this, is to sit on the promenade and watch some of the characters, sure you’ve met in this crazy night for Barcelona Chinatown.

Enjoy tis night!

We recomend you to rent an apartment in Barcelona to enjoy it best and to discover the Raval quarter by day too.

Phone for reservation  Can Lluis: 93 441 11 87

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