turismo toda espana madrid  Madrid tourist info Things to do in Madrid Atocha Madrid If you are on holiday in Madrid and you get accommodation in the center of Madrid for days, you should definitely get to know Atocha Street.

The street name has its origin in the ancient road leading to the shrine of the Virgin of Atocha, where now stands the Basilica of Our Lady of Atocha. Still other theories claim that because the chapel was surrounded by a plant named “Atocha”. It is also said that his image came from Antioquia, and this name was deformed to its current name.

Despite being only a street, you can visit many places of interest in it. If you like historic buildings, you can tour the Church of Santa Cruz, with its imposing tower over 80 meters high. We tell you that the current was built in 1889, and which had burnt three times and collapsed one from 1583, making it the fifth version of the Church.

If you choose Atocha daily apartments you can walk down the street, for now we show some attractions, such as the Teatro Calderon, a beautiful building from the architectural point of view and the decorations that has inside. In the developed numerous works of national and international.

A point is inevitable Embrace sculpture, made in 1987 in honor of the five lawyers killed in the 1977 bombings of Atocha, at the beginning of the Spanish Transition.

But if there’s one place you should definitely visit is the Atocha train station. Originally built in 1851, but suffered several reforms, to the point that currently there are three seasons: Madrid – Puerta de Atocha, the Madrid – Atocha and Atocha Renfe Cercanías. We are talking about the largest and most complex country railway station. However, it also connects the Metro de Madrid, city and intercity buses, taxis and trains, middle and long distance and high-speed trains. Total includes 31 tracks.

Needless to tell you that this station was the scene of the fateful 11 March, with the attacks in March 2004.

The station retains the nineteenth century facade, but inside it is mixed with aggregates of modernity product of their various reforms. Among the attractions will see its huge and beautiful conservatory, consisting of 4000 square meters and more than 500 species, including plants, carnivorous plants, fish and beautiful Galapagos tortoises.

When scrolling through the entire season, you can also walk in the vicinity for the Ethnological Museum and the National Astronomical Observatory of Spain. You see, the attractions are endless.

All this makes many tourists decide to get accommodation in Atocha. You should too, you will not regret it …

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