If something has the Nightlife in Barcelona is that you can find options for all styles of entertainment: from the quietest and bohemian, to others completely crazy and freaky. There are nightclubs, pubs, concert halls, restaurants and bars for every taste and every budget. This is known well by those who have been given the opportunity to know Barcelona at night.

Even if you have already tasted a little of the local nightlife, continually there will be surprises for those who like to combine fun, food and good drinks. Proof of this is the recent opening last September of the Bar à vins, the newest gastronomic proposal of Moritz Group.

vida nocturna barcelona  Nightlife Barcelona Clubs Barcelona Bars in Barcelona

Bar à vins, an ideal space for enjoying the best wines without having to buy the whole bottle.

Bar à vins is located in the old brewery Moritz, at number 5 in Ronda de SantAntoni (L2, San Antoni station), and forms part of the gastronomic complex that Moritz Group is incorporating.

 Bar à vins aims to stand out from the Bars in Barcelona as a site dedicated to the tasting of fine wines by the glass (from 2 cl), thus allowing a greater number of people to enjoy wines that are usually reserved for special occasions but at quite affordable prices. There will also be offered tastings led by experts for those wishing to enter the world of wine.

vida nocturna barcelona  Nightlife Barcelona Clubs Barcelona Bars in Barcelona

The Bar à vins complements the cuisine offered by Moritz Factory, which already has a great brewery and plans to open soon its brasserie. Chef Jordi Vila has designed the menu based in snacks, petit fours, sausages, cheeses and rolls, with the intention of creating a fine combination of food and drink.

Another special feature of the Bar à vins is the careful selection of wines that can be tested there, as it has been privileged to Catalan wines (60% of the menu), followed by some French wines (20%) and the rest of different countries, for a total of 400 different bottles. Undoubtedly, the Bar à vins will become one of the favorite places for wine lovers.

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