turismo toda espana madrid  Madrid tourist info Rastro Madrid Things to do in Madrid Embajadores Madrid The Trail is an outdoor fair in which selling all kinds of second-hand items. It is organized every Sunday in the center of Madrid. It had its beginnings around 1740, and while originally worked clandestinely, slowly gone legalizing their existence, and today is part of any guide for travelers visiting the Spanish capital.

Although over 250 years of existence, in principle the main selling product was used clothing, although several connoisseurs maintain that the sale of meat in this place before that year and dates back to 1565, where he was known as “The Slaughterhouse “.

The name is due to the way they used to carry the animals was dragged to the point of sale. Dead, and bleeding, left marks of blood on the streets and that is why it was called The Trail in reference to those marks.

The splendor with which it is known these days is reflected from the early twentieth century. It is clear that the expansion that has taken and businesses that have joined, this fair has decided to extend to various streets. Although in 1905, thanks to the “law of Sunday rest,” the market was first recognized as a “Market Madrid”, in which he could not sell things on rounds and the last day of the week.

The apartment rentals in El Rastro are very common due to the amount of interested in knowing this place. Many look for apartments in the center of Madrid and escape one morning to enjoy the discounts on products.

While it was normal selling old clothes, shoes and furniture among other things, about 1910 it was decided to open the doors to other sales. They begin to market auto parts, tools, porn, turkeys are auctioned and more things that were hitherto unthinkable.

At present the market governed under a municipal law declared in 2000. This clarifies the measures of the posts, which can be sold on streets is allowed and what is prohibited clarifies sale of animals and food from street vendors.

The fair opens its doors every Sunday and holidays of the year. His schedule ranges from 9 to 15 hours, in the neighborhood of Ambassadors, in the center of the city. Work up to 3500 jobs and extends around Cascorro Square.

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