Barcelona offers a lot to its visitors. There are not only historical monuments to visit, sensational walks to do or some of the more interesting modern art collections of Spain to discover but Barcelona also offers spaces for all kinds of interests and preferences. That is why, the city has been chosen to host the twelfth edition of the gay BEARcelona event.

From the 4th to the 9th of April, the Barcelona gay community will host the annual meeting of bears. The event, which is quite popular among Barcelona’s gays, attracts visitors from all around the world. To date, 250 people have already confirmed their participation to the BEARcelona 2012 event.

BEARcelona 2012 lasts 6 days during which different gay events will take place in Barcelona. The 4th of April, from 9pm, the participants´ registration will start and then, around midnight, the welcome party will start.

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On Thursday 5Th April, it is planned that the activities will start around 3pm. The schedule includes a Bear Sauna session and then several other sessions like the Bear Sex Party, the Beer Bust and the Night Party (from 1am). On Friday 6th April, the schedule is more or less the same, except the fact that the afternoon will start with a Bear Pool Party.

The BEARcelona 2012 organizers also propose a walking tour to allow the visitors to discover the main tourist attractions of Barcelona. This Barcelona walking tour is scheduled on Saturday 7th April, approximately from 3pm to 6pm, so that the ones who do not know the city will be able to take part in this additional activity. This same day, the BEARcelona 2012 Official Dinner will start at 9pm.

If you want to participate in the BEARcelona 2012, it is required to buy one of the packs proposed in the website of the event. You will be able to choose among three packs, depending on the number of activities that you want to take part in. For those who only are interested in participating to a couple of parties, you can purchase the MINI Pack for 30€. This latter includes 2 Party tickets (drink included) and 5 drink coupons (buy-1-get-2). You can also obtain the PETIT Pack (70€) which includes 5 Party tickets and 5 drink coupons (buy-1-get-2). Finally, the GRAN Pack (120€) is also available and will permit you to access the Official Dinner, the Pool party and the Barcelona walk tour. All packs include a T-shirt.

In order to enjoy the BEARcelona 2012, it is advised to search for a holiday apartment in Barcelona to rent; those apartments are comfortable, modest and affordable places that you can rent almost in every area of the city for several days. Nevertheless, the best option would be to look for an accommodation in Gayxample which is the typical Barcelona gay‘s neighborhood and which is, above all, located very close from where the BEARcelona 2012 event will take place.

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