As in many other places in Spain, a very popular option for trying different kind of food in Granada is to take the traditional tapas (spanish appetizers) together with a caña (tap beer), or another beverage, such a wine or sodas. However, when it comes to tapas in Granada the idea is way richer than you might expect. Tapas in Granada  are not only simple sandwiches that you can eat quickly, because in this city there are is a whole culture regarding tapas that needs to be understood… and enjoyed!  

toda espana granada comida y bebida  Tapas in Granada Eating out in Granada Bars in Granada
Order a tap beer or a glass of wine in a bar in Granada and you’ll get delicious  tapas! 

For getting a sense about how important is the culture of the tapas in Granada, you need to know that there are especialized routes in the city just for eating the best tapas. So, take a round for the bars in Granada is not just a matter of convenience, but a pleasant way to get to know the city. You can go from bar to bar trying different kinds os tapas, while you indulge your gastronomic and cultural concerns at the same time.

You can enjoy of good food in Granada for free!!! Yes, it is true!!! Almost all the bars in Granada offer freet tapas when you order a drink. Different from other places of Spain, here in Granada people say: If it’s not for free, then it isn’t a real tapa.

Obviosuly, you won’t find the same variety/quality of tapas in all bars. In some places they give you the option to choose the tapa you want when you order drinks. In other bars, the waiters bring tapas in your table when you order the drinks, but without asking your preferences and they serve you different tapas with each round of drinks. In other bars, the waiters or even the owner go from table to table with a tray so you can take the tapa you prefer.

toda espana granada comida y bebida  Tapas in Granada Eating out in Granada Bars in Granada
To get to know the real Granada, you have to try its tapas!

What kind of tapas will you find in Granada? You can expect some of theses dishes: croquettes, fried aubergines, iberic cold meats, pickeled vegetables, fried small fishes, toasts, Spanish omelette (made of potatoes, eggs and onions)… These are the basic options, but the variety can grow to the infinity. And if we talk about prices, of corse it depends on the  bar, but the average for a tap beer with its tapa would be around 2 euros… Awesome, right?

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