Barcelona, has hundreds of weekly leisure activities, culture and sport, to enjoy andlearn more about the city. But not enjoy exciting activities in Barcelona, you have tospend money. There are many activities to do, and are free. Today to mark the beginning of the festival in Barcelona, La Merced, we talk of free activities you can doin Barcelona during the holidays to close the summer.

We suggest you enjoy these 4 days of celebrations, watching and participating innumerous events, and without spending a penny. Just take desire and energy to enjoythe festival in Barcelona.

toda espana eventos barcelona  La Mercé Barcelona Events Barcelona

Thursday, started the festival, from 16 hours to go and warming up, must visit ”the exhibition of wine and champagne”on the Moll de la Fusta, free wine and champagneand snacks

With batteries recharged, we are prepared to attend the start of the party, no later than 19 hours, we have to be in the Town Hall Square to attend the proclamation of the fiestas de la Mercé and after the proclamation in the same plaza, Sardana . For those who do not know, is the typical dance of Catalonia, very interesting to learn about Catalan culture.

Nothing, because we are listening to music and dancing I propose a couple of gigs in the area.

“IAIA and Me & The Bees” between 20 and 22.30. In Joan Plaza in the old Coromines – Raval.

And if we want more shows, we offer 2 proposals, one in the Royal Plaza to not go far in the festival BAN

Or the highlight of the concerts of the day, at 22.30 “Loquillo”

A classic character from Barcelona and Spanish rock, you can also enjoy live and free in the plaza Spain.

And after the concert, starting at 00.15 hours, to relax a little show we will see light, colors and projections at the beautiful park of the Citadel

Or if you’d like to continue until early electronic music we offer more concerts on the square of the forum.

Nothing is over the day, and we have not spent anything on any of the shows we even drank free wine and champagne.

Friday, I guess you will have rested for the day will be tough. Today we have to take the opportunity to visit the museums, most museums in Barcelona are now free, so you have to use it, free museums like the Picasso Museum, Caixa Forum and Tapies, among others.

After enjoying the morning from museum to museum, and having eaten something fast at 18 hours, happen to be in the Parade of the Mercé – pass through Pelai Street, you can not lose.

After the traditional parade at 19.30, we suggest you see film documents AfricaUnderground: Democracy in Dakar (2009) in the Greco privileged. And after the moviein the same space a concert of music vis-Dakar Senegal Via, with Njaaya.

And if yesterday pudistes not go, and you feel more like concerts and music,continuing the party if the parc of the forum until 02.00 am

Saturday, morning we suggest you spend the day in the Plaça Catalunya and itssurroundings, where you can enjoy havaneras, typical dances, workshops, exhibitionsand some small concert.

The afternoon begins at 20:00 correfoc prepares a scarf or hat to the head.

toda espana eventos barcelona  La Mercé Barcelona Events Barcelona

And after the fire in the street, the fire in the sky at 22.00 Pirofantasia starts: on the beach d ela Barceloneta

Simply spectacular.

And then without going too far and pop concerts, rock music, the real place till dawn

Well Sunday came, our last day we will be more relaxed.

At 10, sport in the port of Barcelona, you can see the 83 was crossing by swimmingthrough the port of Barcelona.

13.00 in a unique setting as the cathedral, will contest sardanas, if you liked that dresson Thursday.

And the rest of the day you intend to visit the Festival Asia,

In the Plaça dels Angels

Where will learn about the culture, music and Asian traditions in this important festival.

But do not forget that at 20.15 ls beginning cercavila (Giants and Big-heads), which leaves from the Plaza del Rei.

And for the party to terminate the 2010 Greater Barcelona at 22.00 in the plazapiromusical Spain. Fire, lighting, thunder and music, is a show that just enjoy once ayear.

Well here is just the experience of the festival in Barcelona, traditional festivals, fire, fireworks, museums, cinema, exhibitions, street entertainment, sports, music concerts,free.

I hope this post, I have servidopara enjoy the festivities of the market, and has withcomments from their experience.

Official Web Fiestas de la Mercé:

Accommodation in Barcelona apartments in the neighborhoods where we celebrate the feast of the Mercé.

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