In recent years the city of Barcelona has given priority to creating and providing infrastructure to increase the number of people who are transported by bicycle, so it is very common to find many people driving this vehicle around town. Barcelona has a public bicycle rental called Bicing with which, for a small annual fee, you can use a bicycle for journeys of 30 minutes. Because of this, many streets and avenues have been adapted so that there is a quick and easy flow for cyclists, this has generated a boom in establishments that sell and rent bikes for non-residents and visitors can take advantage of these pathways adapted and enjoy a bike ride around the city.

Some facilities to rent bicycles on the Internet page are Bike rental Barcelona, Barcelonabiking, Barceloneta Bikes and Bicitecla.

In addition to the urban routes to be discovered by anyone, there are many cycling routes in Barcelona, tourists and walkers, have emerged in recent years. Some routes that you can recommend and that you can find more information in are:

Walk through the Prat

This route of 9 km bike lane Prat de Llobregat – Barcelona metropolitan area – allows users to go from the city to the beach in a very simple and safe. One of the most interesting features of this route is that it is possible to watch the takeoff and landing of aircraft arriving at Barcelona airport. There is even a small watchtower which is accessed through the lane bicing, having surrounded the whole airport. This route is complemented by the natural landscapes of the area that will not disappoint those who like rural tourism.

Passeig de les Aigues

The Passeig de les aigües (water ride) is a path of just over 18 kilometers and a drop of 34 meters, well known and visited, especially on weekends and around Barcelona at its northern end and through Collserola natural park and where you can see incredible views of the city and also has a couple of very interesting viewpoints. You can even do the route at night, for which special equipment will be necessary to illuminate the road. A great option for those who like adventure tourism in Barcelona.

Besos River Park

Another recommended route is the River Park after restoration of the river Besos.The route is a journey of 25 miles surrounded by green areas where you can do other sports.

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