turismo toda espana madrid  Madrid Holidays Carnival in Madrid Carnivals are an ancient tradition that began as a pagan holiday and over time has become popular around the world. In the case of Madrid, the carnival is one of the most anticipated of the year, as it has a number of activities to offer: parades, costume contests, concerts and the great burial of the sardine, among other customs are part of this celebration.

This year the festivities begin the 4th and last until March 9, date very close to having the City Council and the Community of Madrid working hard to receive tourists and ensure that citizens enjoy as they deserve.

It is the ideal time to forget the harsh winter and fill the streets with joy with masks and costumes. In Madrid carnival everything is possible: the streets are full of colors, the mood of the people change and music and parades invited to the dance. For this reason, it is perfect to know Madrid and great celebration before Lent start. If you want to know the colors and costumes you can rent apartments in Madrid and take advantage of the flexibility that this type of accommodation offers, not to miss a single moment of fun.

Every year, the carnival in Madrid have a theme to follow for those who dress up. This year, the theme is madness and crazy and like every year, the Fine Arts organizes costume contests. The first forty who register will enter the contest and may attend the Costume Ball. The ceremony announcing the winners will be held on March 5 in the ballroom of the Fine Arts, with a panel of theater experts.

Last year, the Mardi Gras theme was focused on the celebration of 100 years of the Gran Via, the legendary avenue. Those carnival lovers create their own costumes concocting the most unusual designs. However, there is also the possibility of renting costumes in Madrid: the shops are located behind The English Court of Atlantico and have years of experience in costume.

The idea that has been the council for parades that can be seen between 4 and March 9 is inspired by the “party of the crazy medieval” is mandatory to respect the central axis of all those groups or associations wishing to march. In March, Madrid will be a party. Colors, music, dance, tradition, games, contests and a city disguised will wait to celebrate in style. Are you going to lose?

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