One of the most important tradition for the Christmas Eve in Madrid is to have a delicious dinner in the company of your family and/or closest friends. In fact, even for those who don’t live in the city but come to spend the festivities of December in Madrid, having a pleasant dinner is possible, either by making a reservation in one of the restaurants of the city that offer special menus for the occasion, or by cooking a intimate dinner, if you choose to stay in a tourist apartment in Madrid.

A traditional Christmas Eve dinner in Madrid includes:

The starters are usually composed by seafood. Madrid is not close to the sea; however, for being the capital of the country, gets a great variety of seafood from other regions, so you can choose your favorite ones. The most traditional options among poeple from Madrid are shrimps, king prawns or lobster, but you can also choose some crab or any seafood you like.

toda espana madrid eventos  Christmas Eve in Madrid  december in Madrid Eating out in Madrid
Lobster and Spider Crab, the perfect first course for the Christmas Eve dinner in Madrid. Photo by chispita_666 @flickr

The main course is either meat, or fish. The most typical choices are red sea bream, suckling pig, turkey, lamb or pularda, a young hen especially fattened for being consumed.

The desserts are the main starts of the Christmas Eve dinner; indeed you’ll find a great assortment of sweet treats:

  • The most famous desserts for this occasion in all Spain are the typical turrones, a sort of nougat candy eaten in Christmas and New Years. There are many kinds or turrones: the most popular are the hard  turron of Alicante and the soft turron of Jijona, but there are many other flavours, like chocolate, catalan cream, among others.
  • Sopa de almendras -almond soup- is the most traditional dessert for the Christmas Eve in Madrid: a hot cream of almonds, cinnamon and vanilla really tasty and delicious.
  • There are other typical sweet treats, like small figures of marzipan, or the mantecados and polvorones, a sort of cookie made with pork fat and almonds, that sometimes incorporate other flavours.

For drinking, it’s mandatory to have bottles of cold cava, a Spanish sparkling white wine very similar to champagne.

Now you know the traditional food in Madrid  that you can have in Christmas Eve… You just need to decide to plan your tip to the city!

toda espana madrid eventos  Christmas Eve in Madrid  december in Madrid Eating out in Madrid
Polvorones, marzipan and more. Photo of xurde @flickr

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