Spain is just full of traditions, especially when it comes to Christmas. A very unique tradition that dates as far back as the 18th century was born in Catalunya, Barcelona. The Caganer tradition (a very funny figure placed in the nativity scene that is actually a man defecating yes, that is right, defecating in a corner of the scene). Altough it is very funny, there is nothing disrespectful about this tradition, in fact, it is widely accepted by the Church, and the tradition has grown so popular that many other places in Spain celebrate the Catalan Caganer tradition.

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All apartments in Barcelona for Christmas (or almost every apartment) will have this peculiar figure, which was placed there in the first place to dignify and show respect for the hard working farmers, giving them a place in the nativity scene with one of the most essential biological activities there are. There is also a reason to have chosen such a bodily function, and it is that the man will fertilize the soil, which was a symbol of prosperity. Of course, nowadays, this tradition is seen with a bit more humor, and this figure is now typically shaped as famous politicians and artists.

Besides the Caganer, Catalans have another unique tradition that makes Christmas in Barcelona a sight that one will never find anywhere else. The Cagatio (or defecating dude) is a wooden figure standing on two legs which kids will hit with wooden sticks while shouting “Defecate, dude, defecate!” to get candies out of him (it). So, finding accommodation in Barcelona for Christmas is just the perfect way to ensure the most unique vacation trip for the whole family. Almost every family in Barcelona will gather around the Cagatio to get some candy and sing Christmas songs all night long afterwards.

turismo toda espana barcelona  New Years Eve Barcelona Christmas Barcelona

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