We are already in the last quarter of the year 2012 and people start to make plans to celebrate the arrive of the New Year 2013. If you want to have a trully special experience, you have to come for celebrating the New Year’s Eve in Madrid alt least once in your life.

What is it about the New Year’s Eve in Madrid that makes it so special?

A lot of people meet at Plaza del Sol, just in the heart of the city centre, with bottles of cava (Spanish sparkling wine, similar to champagne) and sidra (apple wine), firecrackers, in festive mood, yelling and very happy. All people look at the Main Mail Office, waiting for its clocks to strike 12, announcing the arrive of the New Year. People for all over the worlds gather in this place, you will find people from Madrid and other parts of Spain, but also immigrants and lots of tourists who come to the city to celebrate the end of the year in the Spanish way. Lots of people go there wearing costumes or funny wigs… Make sure to bring a warm coat… You are going to need it for sure!

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New Year’s Eve in Madrid. Photo by n8kowald @Flickr

A traditional ritual among Spaniards is to eat 12 grapes, at the rhythm of the chimes, to attract the good energies and luck in the coming year. After the joy of the celebration, the most quiet people go back home, while those who want to party head  to the main discotheques in town, that organize special party for the occasion, to party until the following morning.

Without any doubts, one of the key dates for enjoying the tourism in Madrid is December, as the city is filled with parties and happy mood. Madrid is popular for being the best city in Spain for entertainment and this fame is well deserved. Believe me, coming to spend the month of December in Madrid is a marvelous experience, in spite of the winter weather.

If you are not living in Madrid, you have the choice of planning a getaway with your couple, family and/or group of friends and come to the the city to celebrate the New Year. If you choose to stay in a tourist apartment in Madrid, you will have the chance to organize a private dinner, but if you prefer not to cook, it doesn’t matter, as there are many restaurants that offer special menus for the New Year’s Eve dinner… Just need to make a little research and book the dinner in advance.

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