Does the chance of taking cruises in Seville sounds weird to you? Do you think that Seville is too far form the sea to travel by boat in the city? You’re partially right, because the closer sea coast is located 100 kilometers away from Seville, but you had probably forgot that the Gualdalquivir river crosses Seville.

Being not navigable in its whole extention, there is a portion of the river Guadakquivir in Seville that is navigable, fo the visitor can enjoy of another option of tourism in Seville: the cruises.

turismo toda espana sevilla  Seville Tourism  Guadalquivir Seville Seville Cruises
Another way to get to know Seville: a cruise on the Guadalquivir river

There are 2 modalities for the cruises in Seville: The first of them is to take a cruise at the Guadalquivir river for several days (there are options for 4, 6 and 8 days). The routes do from Seville to Cadiz, but they can include also the Port of Santa Maria and some ground tours depending of the duration of the trip. The prices for this kind od cruises varies from 400 to 1000 euros. You can visit the websites of Cruceros Guadalquivir and Cruceros Diferentes to get more information.

However, if you want to make a brief tour at the Guadalquivir river, there is the second option, that is to take a half-day tour, from the maritim station of La Torre del Oro, to San Lúcar Barrameda, coming back by bus. The price of this kind of excursion is around 35 euros.

turismo toda espana sevilla  Seville Tourism  Guadalquivir Seville Seville Cruises
Cruises in Seville: Options to spend from 1 hour, to 1 week in a boat. 

Finally, if you don’t have time for a larger excursion, you can take a small boat in Seville and take a panoramic tour of the city. The boats leave the maritim station of La Torre del Oro every 30 minutes and the tour takes around 1 hour. The cost of this tour is 16 euros and the children under 14 years old that go with 1 adult don’t have to pay. More info at Cruceros Torre del Oro.

Now that you know that there are cruises in Seville, which one would you like to take?

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