toda espana madrid consejos de viaje  Madrid tourist info Easter Madrid Things to do in Madrid It is no secret that Madrid offers the best alternative to get away alone, with your partner or with your family. The landmarks are endless, and always find one more to visit. But spend Easter in Madrid has another color, for the many special events that are organized. But be cautious, many tourists are coming, so you should already book for Holy Week in Madrid 2011.

In these festive dates Madrid usually concentrate a large amount of visitors. On the one hand automobile traffic becomes very difficult, but also gives various special events unique human warmth.

If you want to experience this event, a good first choice is to attend one of the 11 processions that take place during Easter. Each concentrated large audience, come at a specific time, so you can go to several, and often go for the best sights of the Spanish capital. Among others you can go to Our Father Jesus of Health, the Procession of the Divine Captive, the Procession del Silencio or the Holy Burial.

Music is another star at Easter. The Council organizes Cycle Music in the Churches of Madrid. This year we added 11 new religious temples, totaling 34 churches. The most important is perhaps a tribute to Tomas Luis de Victoria, musical exponent Late Renaissance. It also celebrates the bicentennial of the birth of Liszt. Thus you can listen your beautiful versions of the Cross and Mass Choralis. Auditorium in San Lorenzo de El Escorial will be five magnificent concerts in the Festival of Sacred Music 2011. As such, we offer very bulky musical in Madrid at this date.

If you make your getaway with your family, do not worry, the kids also have many activities which enjoy. Among other visits we recommend parks organized by professionals in Informal Education, which your children will spend unforgettable moments.
Get Easter accommodation in Madrid is not a simple task, due to high demand. For this you must start now to plan ahead. The activities offered by this city are very numerous, only you have named some. As you’ll have a lot of tourists, we recommend to start planning which will assist you and your family before arriving. This way you can enjoy the best Easter getaway in Madrid.

Music, processions, religious fervor, warmth, nature walks, and the chance to visit some of the most beautiful tourist spots in Europe. All this offers Madrid at Easter. Do not miss out!!

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