If you think that eating at home is an issue that would only be related to the fact of Living in Barcelona and not necessarily to tourism, let us tell you that nothing is further from the truth. On the contrary, if you plan to spend your vacation in this city,  one of the key elements to maximize your budget is to combine rental apartments for days and eating at home.

comida y bebida barcelona  Living in Barcelona Eating out in Barcelona

If you wish so, you may get the best and most fresh market products at home. Photo by Mariano P. @flickr.

If you’re worried about having to spend much of the day looking  for ingredients to prepare food, don’t worry, because you can do it online. And it is not about buying online unknown quality products or not so fresh groceries in common supermarkets,but  a much more tasty alternative: bring the market to your house.

esdemercado.com is a company that offers excellent delivery service characterized by including among suppliers of food, a variety of stores from Barcelona’s most important markets such as: Boquería, Abacería, Sarrià and Santa Caterina.

The procedure is very simple: you go to the company web page, select the products you require and the next day, at the time you specify, you get the products. You can choose from fruits, vegetables, legumes, mushrooms, charcuterie, dairy, fresh pasta, fish and seafood. In short, virtually any food product.

As if this were not enough, the home delivery service is also a great option for Eating in Barcelona without having to cook; as between their alternatives you will find a full menu of prepared products. So if your talent is not exactly cooking, but want to save time and money, you can request some mouthwatering prepared dishes. Then you will only have to deal with enjoying them.

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