One f the pleasures you can have while enjoying the Tourism in Granada, is to visit the famous arab baths in Granada. In a previous post we have talked about a fabulous Arab Baths where you can go for pampering yourself, (The Arab Baths of Hamman alAndaluz), at this time we want to talk about the origin of these places, by visiting the vestiges of the oldest Arab Baths in Spain.

turismo granada  Granada Tourism El Bañuelo Granada Arab Baths Granada
Don’t forget to visit  El Bañuelo Arab Bath when you come to visit Granada. Photo by Perla Roques @flickr.

The Arab Baths known as El Bañuelo in Granada are located at Street Carrera del Darro number 31, and were built in the 9th century a.C. The baths were very near to the Mosque of el Nogal, that the reason why the baths were also known as Baths of El Nogal, or the Baths of the Gates of Guadix. Even being really antique, the baths are well preserved nowadays. On 1918 they were declared as National Monument of Spain.

From the original construction, the Arab Baths of El Bañuelo in Granada still maintain 3 rooms (each one dedicated to the use of water in different temperatures: the first one for cold water, the second one for wam water and the last one for hor water), as well as some of the therms and columns in Roman and Visigoth style. The visit to the baths can be done in 20 or 30 minutes. The information about the history and the uses of the baths is available in many languages, in boards placed in strategic places.

turismo granada  Granada Tourism El Bañuelo Granada Arab Baths Granada
You can admire the colums and the great  condition of El Bañuelo. Photo by Perla Roques @flickr.

The arab baths of El Bañuelo in Granada  are opened to public forom Tuesday to Saturday, from 9 am to 12:30 pm. The entrance is free, but as it is wise to book your visit in advance. Its location is very convinient, as ypu will find the baths while strolling at the popular Carrera del Darro, one os the most beautiful streets in Seville. You have to go with your eyes wide open, because yopu can miss the entrance because the facade is kind of hidden (a hint: it’s very near the Espinosa bridge).

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