Sants neighborhood is located in the District of Sants-Montjuic in Barcelona. It is located between the districts of Eixample Esquerre and Les Corts, in Barcelona, and the municipality of L’Hospitalet de Llobregat; therefore, Sants has good location in the city, although is not near to the Old Town. Sants has traditionally been a commercial and labor district.

One of the biggest advantages you can find in Sants neighborhood is that it has the main railway station in the city of Barcelona, Sants Estación, located at Plaza dels Països Catalans. Sants Estació is an intermodal station connecting metro lines L3 (green) and L5 (blue) with train lines and buses station. From Sants Estació you can take trains to Catalonian towns, as well as national and international destinations managed by RENFE and ADIF companies. There is also a rail connection to Terminal 1 in El Prat Airport, which is Barcelona’s main airport. Sants Estació has shops, cafes and a Mc Donald’s.

If you’re planning to combine your visit to Barcelona with other destinations in Spain or other European countries, you may be interested in a accomodation in Sants.

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Sants neighborhood is located near to Plaza España, therefore it is close to the Fira de Barcelona, ??the main venue for business fairs, congresses and exhibitions in the city. For this reason, if you come to Barcelona for business matters, ??you may be interested in renting daily apartments in Sants .

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Other attractions in Sants neighborhood in Barcelona:

  • Sants local party is held the week of 24 Augustus. The neighborhood decked out with decorations in the streets and make outdoor activities such as “butifarradas” (traditional Catalan sausage barbecue), hot chocolate tasting and Sardana dancing, typical for Catalonia.
  • Carretera de Sants (Sants road) concentrates many businesses. It is a good place to shop, especially if you are not looking for exclusive brands.
  • The first Irish pub in Barcelona, The Red Lion, is located at Calle Evaristo Arnús 70, only 2 blocks away from Sants neighborhood and is one of the best bars to watch football in Barcelona.
  • If you love football,  ??FC Barcelona team’s stadium Camp Nou is located very close to Sants neighborhood. If you come to Barcelona to enjoy a Barça match, you may be interested in renting apartments in Sants.
  • From Sants Estació you can take trains or buses to multiple destinations in Catalonia, as in the rest of Spain or other European countries.
  • Seafood Restaurant La Paradeta has one venue in Riego Street 27. This is a good place to eat quality seafood at affordable prices. It is not an elegant place, does not accept reservations nor credit/debit cards, and there can be long queues to enter. Still, if you love seafood, you should not miss this place.
  • Blau Restaurant (Calle Tenor Macini 61): quality Catalan food at good prices.


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