Between December 10th to 12th 2010, it is going to be celebrated one of the main esoteric events in Barcelona Magic International, that is the biggest esoteric and alternative fair in Europe. In this event, there are going to be showing and selling products related to this sector, and also there are going to be organizing cultural activities. This event is going to be held on Fira de Barcelona, Pabellon Nº5, between 10:00 am to 9:00 pm.

This event give us the oportunity to go into one of the less known but very interesting faces of the marvelous city, that is the mysterious and esoteric Barcelona.

For those interested in a guided tour, there is an option, that is to make the  Route through Magic, Esoteric and Mysterious Barcelona, with Carlos Mesa, journalist specialized in mystery matters, with a duration of three (03) hours, who will guied you into the most interesting secrets in the Barrio Gótico, that include masonic facades, pagan roman altars,  a roman temple, a cemetery in Square Sant Felip Neri, and abandoned tunnel in the Barcelona Cathedral, among others.  This is a very well documented  tour, and takes place every saturday, at 6:00 pm.

turismo toda espana barcelona  Barcelona Tourist info Info on Barcelona

For those who prefer to discover the esoteric and mystery places by themselves in alternative Barcelona, here we present some of the main places in esoteric Barcelona:

Visit google maps to check the location of some of the places we will explain to you clicking here

Masonic Barcelona:

In Carrer de Portaferrisa Nº 11, you will be able to see an sculpture of two kids, with a triangle  on some bricks located between them. The kid on the left holds a compass and a palette, while the kid on the right holds two rulers. In the original plan for this building, there are no registers of this sculpture, as the freemasonry has always been asociated to a secret organizations.

In Carrer de la Pietat, nearby the Cathedral of Barcelona, in front of the Casa de Canonges, you will see a compass, dated on year 1617, another symbol of freemasonry in Barcelona.

Witch Bonfires in Barcelona

Plaza del Rey became the main place to execute prisioners in the medieval era, as well as those acused of heresy and witchcraft, condemned by the Holy Inquisition.

turismo toda espana barcelona  Barcelona Tourist info Info on Barcelona


In cases of heresy, it was used the popular “judgement by the water”, in this kind of judgement, the acused of heresy was weigthed against a Bible in a big scale located in Plaza del Rey. If the Bible weigthed less that the person acused, he/she was declared guilty.


Nowadays, we may observe a shield of the brotherhood of the Purist Blood of Christ, aged in XIV century. This brotherhood gave spiritual assistance for those condemned in Plaza del Rey.

In Paseo del Borne, the Holy Inquisition also tortured and burnt witches, and the popular believe was that spirit of those who were condemned, possesed some of the gargoyles at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia (Cathedral of Barcelona).

Hell Street:

Avenida de la Catedral was known in the medieval era as the Hell Street, as the popular believe was that here there was a doorway to hell.

The Holy Inquisition:

At Museo Frederic Mares, located in Carrer dels Comtes,  you will find a shield of the Holy Inquisition, that was located in a building in Plaza de Ivo, since 1542. It is a shield of Felipe II, with a holy cross, a sword (for heresy) and an olive branch (for repentants)

The inquisition in Barcelona behaved in the same way than it did in the rest of Spain: punishing, torturing and killing those who were acused of superstition, blasphemy, sodomy and jewish-like activities.

For those who wants to stay  nearby all of these and other places in Mystery Barcelona, we have alternative accomodation in apartaments at el Borne, and apartaments at Barrio Gótico. If you prefer to stay in apartaments in Barcelona located nearby la Fira, where the event of  Magic International it is going to be held, you have options for apartaments in Plaza España.

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    Me encantó la nota! Sobre todo muy impresionante lo que refiere a la Plaza del Rey. Un saludo!

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