If you’d like to learn Spanish, studying Spanish in Barcelona could be an ideal option. There are many spanish schools in Barcelona, beside, the city is so beautiful, exciting, modern and full of entertainment that you will love to live here for a few weeks/months. Yes, catalonian is spoken in Barcelona, but most catalonian and Barcelona’s resident speak spanish and will talk to you in spanish daily, so you’ll be able to practice what you had learnt in your Spanish classes in Barcelona. Beside, while you’ll be learning Spanish in Barcelona, you’ll also be sharing living experiences with many students from different countries, and that is a really great experience for live.

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Spanish classes in Barcelona

Spanish is third language most spoken in the whole world, after mandarin chinese and english. So, learming spanish will you a great advantage in the professional field, as well as the ability for communicating with almost 500 million people. If you has thought in learning spanish, come to study Spanish in Barcelona!

Where to study Spanish in Barcelona

There are many english institutes and academies in Barcelona offering Spanish courses for foreigners in different levels; so we strongly suggest you to make a deep investigation on the Spanish school in Barcelona you choose before enrollment.  Some of the options for studying spanish in Barcelona are:

Centro Humboldt: they offers different programs, including spanish classes, either for students and adults or for business executives. Teachers are usually young and friendly, so it creates a great atmosphere enhancing the learning experience.

Camino Barcelona: Located in the city centre, this school offers different kinds of spanish classes, intensive classes, “Spanish & Salsa”, spanish for business, among others.

Olé Languages: This spanish academy offers different courses with variable duration starting in 1 week. There are intensive classes (20 lessons per week), semi-intensive (10 lessons per week), conversation (5 lessons per week), evening classes (4 lessons per week) and one-to-one.

Ablalenguas: this school offers one-to-one classes in Barcelona (no groups), with a flexible schedule. You can start taking classes any day of the year.

Universitat de Barcelona: If you want to learn spanish in a important university in Barcelona, check its option for spanish courses for foreigners.

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  1. academias de español en barcelona says:

    Yo de todas las academias de español que he conocido en Barcelona, casi que os recomendaría ir directamente a esta: http://www.bcnspanishlanguage.com/es/ porque es la que más me ha gustado de mi paso por la ciudad. Conocí buena gente y para aprender muy bien.

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