One of the most important moments for soccer fans both in Spain and in many other countries, the confrontation between the two best teams in the Spanish Football League, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. Few sporting events cause such passion, which reach absolute limits when it comes to playoffs.

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Camp Nou.Photo by in flickr

In the coming days we will have two electrifying matches in Champions League semifinals, as FC Barcelona and Real Madrid are going to fight a pass to the final of this major European tournament.

  • First leg: Wednesday April 27th, 2011 at 20:45 at Santiago Bernabeu stadium, home of Real Madrid..
  • Second leg: Tuesday May 3rd, 2011, at 20:45 at Camp Nou stadium, home of FC Barcelona.

If you want to go to Camp Nou Stadium to watch the second leg of the Champions League semi-final in Barcelona, you may be interested in renting apartments in Les Corts, a neighborhood that is really close to the stadium. Also, if you are in Barcelona and want to watch both matches in a bar, check our recommendations for the best bars in Barcelona to watch football

Waiting for the first leg FC Barcelona vs. Real Madrid in Champions League:

FC Barcelona has held an impressive lead in the Spanish league this season, capitalizing  8 points over Real Madrid, when the season is in its final phase, thus FC Barcelona is more likely to reach the title of the season.

The Real Madrid had won the Copa del Rey against FC Barcelona, with a score of 1-0, with a spectacular goal from Cristiano Ronaldo in overtime.

FC Barcelona won the Spanish first derby of the season in the League against Real Madrid, achieving a historic “hand” of 5-0, which is still remembered by the fans of both teams.

FC Barcelona’s defense has been broken with lesions of Carles Puyol Adriano, Maxwell and Gaby Milito, and Abidal’s disease. For the first leg Carles Puyol is expected to return, he might not complete the match, considering he has been sidelined for three months. He came back to action facing Real Madrid recently and had muscle aches that forced him to leave the match.

FC Barcelona is concerned about Iniesta’s possible right calf muscle injury. He won’t be playing at Bernabeu Stadium, as it was already confirmed by Pep Guardiola.

Sergio Ramos calls for fair play. Supporters of FC Barcelona find this statement at least ironic, claiming that Ramos himself is one of the players outstanding for the hardness of their faults and protests before the arbitrators and even starting brawls in the field.

In the last two games, Real Madrid, with enough desire to win, has managed to neutralize FC Barcelona main star, Leo Messi.

Technicians from both teams play a leading role:

  • The controversial statements are already common in the Portuguese Jose Mourinho, who claims that FC Barcelona is not the best team in football history and criticize Guardiola for protesting a referee’s decision.
  • The usually relaxed and restrained Pep Guardiola, set apart suggesting that Real Madrid  could have been benefited if the match referee would have been Portuguese, he also hinted over the grass at Bernabeu Stadium that was in bad conditions for the last derby in the Spanish league.

The key to victory by the Barca team could be:

  • Keep Barça’s way to play, based on a clear dominance in the possession of the ball and exquisite handling of the ball.
  • Be able to overcome the strong defense line of Real Madrid, allowing Messi to escape the suffocating mark by Pedro.
  • Get a solid defense line, to keep controlled Real Madrid scorers,  especially in dangerous counter-attacks.

Here in Desig Barcelona we support FC Barcelona, we hope to have the chance to see Barcelona’s team in Champions League final. Go Barça, go!!!

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