toda espana madrid eventos  Madrid tourist info Easter Madrid Things to do in Madrid Madrid Holidays Madrid is one of the major tourist attractions of Europe and the world is no secret. Beyond the myriad of attractions that can present, in this paper we will review the celebrations in Madrid and its beautiful customs.

Some believe that at Easter one of the best sites you can be is Madrid, especially for believers. While each day has a special meaning and particular Easter Sunday is when people come together to celebrate the resurrection of Christ in the Plaza Mayor. The climate that give the hundreds of people who play the drums, representing the earth tremors in the day that Jesus died, it is amazing.

The Columbus Day, Day of Pilar and Columbus Day is one of the most important holidays in the Spanish capital. The most common thing we see are military parades, now turned into tradition, walking through the main streets of Madrid, in which each Spanish out to say hello and see. Also perform civil acts, but in terms of importance is n in the background.

The Feast of All Saints (November 1) it is customary to visit the cemeteries in Madrid to remember loved ones who are no longer. It is believed that this festival has its origin in the year 980 when Saint Odilo establishing a festival to pray for the faithful deceased. While most of the locals are engaged day to remember, it is very common to see long queues at the doors of the cafes, as it is a habit acquire desserts the day of All Saints as donuts, bones of saints and panellet.

But, without doubt, the most outstanding festival in Madrid is Christmas and the New Year. First, the street lighting is prepared by distinguished designers who provide great decor. There are so called “Markets” operating in the Plaza Mayor, Plaza of the province and in the Plaza de Santo Domingo from late November until 31 December. And as usual from decades ago farewell the year with a marathon of 10 kilometers, the San Silvestre Vallecana.

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