From the 4th to the 14th of October will take place the 45th edition of the International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia in the charming quarter of Sitges. On the one hand, this is the first fantastic film festival of the world and on the other hand the most important horror film festival of the region, that’s why there are many famous producers and film directors.

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For this edition, the film festival of Sitges 2012 chose the theme of the Apocalypse, that’s the reason why the programming of the movies is around productions that talk about the end of the world we imagine. These are few productions that will be screening during the Film Festival of Sitges 2012: La Guerra de los Mundos, 2012, Armageddon, The Day y Doomsday Book..

More than the central theme selection, the Sitges Festival will present animation movies, family ones, another category classified as Midnight X-treme, and finally, movies coming from exotic countries. During this festival, awards are going to be offered: the Maria Award, the Honorary Big Award, the Audience Award and the Critic Award.

The tickets for this festival of movies in Sitges can be bought through the Servicaixa. The prices are different, you have to go the page of the festival to know how are the subscriptions you can choose. You’ll find the different places of exhibitions in this one too. The primary audience is the Sitges Hotel Malia, but there will be screenings in various venues, theaters and cinema Prado El Retiro included.

If you wanna assist to this festival, we advise you to look for a housing in Sitges, given that there will be sessions after midnight, that is why it is handiest to rent a daily apartment in Sitges, like that you can do the round-trip to Barcelona in the day.

Si tu veux assister à ce festival, nous te conseillons de chercher un logement à Sitges, étant donné qu’il y aura des séances à minuit passé, voila pourquoi il est plus pratique de louer un appartement à la journée à Sitges afin de pouvoir faire l’aller retour jusqu’à Barcelone dans la journée.

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