Girls have their own lesbian festival in Barcelona too! The girly circuit 2012 is the perfect cultural alternative for girls who want to visit the city trough awesome events in August 2012.

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During a whole week, from Tuesday 7th to Monday 13th of August, you can enjoy lesbian parties, in Barcelone and its surroundings, given that many activities will take place in the wonderful beaches of Sitges, a gay friendly town, a few kilometers from Barcelona where you’ll have unforgettable moments. If you prefer the beach than the city we can help you finding an apartment in Sitges.

The girlie circuit 2012 starts with the amazing party of Water Park Day on the 7th of August since 10 am. This fun activity will take place in the Illa Fntasia Parc Acuatic, located in the Finca Mas Brassó. Around 10pm a fireworks spend the end of this first day. If you want to go on spree later, the party continues the whole night with the Water Park Night that will welcome the best DJ’s ever to make you dance all night long.

Two other parties will take place during the girlie circuit 2012. The first one is the Cabaret Party (on Thursday9th of August) and the second one is the Code Party (on Sunday 12th of August). The organizers choose the NH Calderón Hotel (in the 26 of the Rambla Catalunya) as their headquarters, place where you can obtain your entries, ask for more information about the circuit and know all about the program of the circuit.


During the girlie circuit 2012 you’ll have the opportunity to meet the most requested DJ’s such as Agatha Pher, Angela Elle, Cuki D’Light, Lydia Sanz and the London guest, Sanda D. The participation of Linda Sedio, you will see in live, has just been confirmed.

We recommend to rent an apartment in Gayxample, the gay neighborhood of Barcelona. You’re not only going to be in the best district of Barcelona, you’ll also be on a centric district next to each meeting point the organizators have chosen to go to parties. Moreover, the buses that bring you to the different parties organized by the girlie circuit 2012 are near from this district seeing that they leave from the Hard Rock Cafe.

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