Barcelona is a big Cosmopolitan city. And you should have already heard about the amazing night life in Barcelona. Many people are coming there, they look for an accommodation for days in Barcelona and they enjoy the best places around the city. Don´t you feel like doing the same?

We´ve prepared a little guide for you in order to make you know which the best places to go out in Barcelona are.

The best bars of Barcelona:

  • Ovella Negra: it´s a typical catalan bar and a very great place to go out in Barcelona. We advice you to go there with your group of friends and to drink beer or sangria as the same time you enjoy tapas. It is very cheap: 5 litres of beer or sangria only cost 30€. Moreover, it can be a good place to watch sports. (Address: 5 Sitges Street; closest metro station: Catalunya – L1, L2, L5).
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the famous wood tables at the Ovella Negra

  • Deeper: Located at 169 Casanova Street, this bar newly opened and it is located in a very convenient place to go out because there are many night clubs there. More over the music is quite commercial so that you will definitely know all the songs there. Hospital Clinic metro station (L5).
  • Sonora: it is a student bar where you can have very cheap drinks. You can buy mojitos for only 3€. Moreover, it is located very near from a famous nightclub: the Razzmatazz.

If you like the “chupitos” (which means shots), and going out in Barcelona you will enjoy the next few places. There is a bar in the city that proposes more than 100 different shots:

  • Espit Chupitos: the most famous shoots bar in Barcelona. The number of shots you can choose is just impressive. And if you like surprises, this place is for you: indeed you can choose a shot without knowing what there is inside the glass and every shot is a visual show when they serve it. A “chupito” costs 2€, but we advice you to go there relatively early because on Fridays and Saturdays, after midnight the place is full. It is located at 8 Paseo Colón, Barceloneta metro station (L1).

Now, it is time to go to the best night club of Barcelona and actually it is kind of hard to choose it because there are many good night clubs around the city:

  • Shoko: In the Barceloneta/Villa Olímpica area, there are a lot of night clubs. If you have to choose one, we advice you to go to the Shoko. This night club is very famous and going out there will be an incredible experience. The music is very varied so that you can dance what you want. Location: 36 Passeig Marítim de la Barceloneta, Ciuitadelle or Vila olímpica metro stations (L4).
  • Hyde: this night club is very famous among students who live in Barcelona (they use to go there on Fridays and Saturdays). You can add your name on a list so that you don´t have to pay if you arrive before 2 a.m. (Address: 3 Pasaje de Domngo, Passeig de Gracia metro station – L2, L3, L4).

If you also want to discover the amazing night life and going out in Barcelona, the best way is to find a cheap accommodation in Barcelona so that you and your friends can live the craziness of the life in the Catalan capital.

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    Cant go wrong with 3euro drinks!!

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