The day is coming! Very soon it will be celebrated the formula 1 Gran Prix of Spain 2011, in the Circuit de Catalunya, in May 20-22nd. Previously we’ve given some information about Formula 1 –Grand Prix of Spain at Circuit de Catalunya , but this time, we’ll share details about the different grandstands for watching the race in the circuit, as well as some general recommendations if you’re planning to attend to this great World motorsport event.

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Montmeló circuit. Photo by ajimixx, in flickr


  • Grandstand A: The main attraction is that you can enjoy the sharp braking that F1 cars do at the end of the main straight, reducing the speed to less than half.
  • Grandstand B: From here you can see the first turn of the racetrack.
  • Grandstand C: it gives a vision over most of the curves of the track.
  • Grandstands F-E: One of the favorites for spectators, as it is a good place for overtakings.
  • Grandstand  G: Allows a good visibility over the circuit.
  • Grandstand H: Without a doubt, the best grandstand on the circuit, with the best views of the race.
  • Grandstands K-J: Being located in front of the pits, allow good vision over them, as well as the start grid and the finish and the award ceremony.
  • Grandstand L: from here you’ll have views on the end of the main straight, the first turn and braking before turn number 5.
  • Grandstand M: If you want protection from the sun, this is your place, as it is roofed. Allows vision over a part of the main straight, and the braking for turn 5.
  • Grandstand N: You can see the acceleration of the cars.
  • Main Grandstand: also located in front of the pits, you can enjoy the award ceremony, the starting grid and the finish of the race, as well as the activity in the pits.
  • Pelouse: These are the cheapest tickets on the circuit. But note that they are not located in stands, but on the grass surrounding the track. Arrive early if you want to get good visibility.

Here you can see the ticket prices for the GF of Spain Formula 1.

Note that the Circuit of Catalunya has big screens for allowing the spectactors to see the entire race.


General recommendations:

  • Bring sunscreen and a hat to protect your head. In the second half of May is usually getting enough sun and heat in Barcelona for sun burning if you don’t take precautions.
  • Keep in mind that the snacks and drinks prices at the Circuit de Catalunya may be high. It’s a good idea to bring a sandwich, chips or anything to nibble on.
  • The accommodation in the town of Montmelo is limited. It would be a good idea to stay in apartments in Barcelona if you plan to come to the Formula 1 race.
  • Remember Montmelo is located just 25 minutes away from Barcelona and is well connected to the city by railways (RENFE cercanias, line 2). The circuit is located about 30 minutes walking from the train station. There will also be a shuttle service directly from Barcelona (PG Sant Joan) to the Circuit, arranged by the company Sagalés. You can find the timetable for there shuttle on their website. More information about How to get to Circuit of Catalunya on its website.

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