Without any questions, the most emblematic monument of the tourism in Granada and maybe of the tourism in the whole Spain is the marvelous Alhambra in Granada.  If you plan to take a trip to Andalusia, definitely you need to visit this walled city, that it’s one of the most visited atractions in the country. It’s a complex with a singular architectonic beauty, that combines perfectly the Muslim with the Christian art, in perfect harmony with the nature around it.   This is a place that really worth to visit, so do not miss the chance to go here!

Granada Touristic Guide –La Alhambra:

Some of the most beatiful spots that you have to see at the Alhambra in Granada are:

The Nazari Palaces or the Royal Palace: Include 3 main rooms:

  •  The Muxuar, that used to be the place for justice hearings of important cases.
  • The Tower of Comares, the highest point in the palace and its room served for the Sultan’s private hearings. The walls of this room are profusely decorated with text of poetry, religion and Koran statements.
  • The Courtyard os the Lions: with a trapezoidal shape, the main element here is a fountain with lions. The fountain was a symbol of the power of the Sultan.
turismo granada  Granada Tourism The Alhambra Granada Granada Tourist Guide
The Alhambra. Photo by nanaynen08 @Flickr

The Palace of Charles V: a Palade with a renacentist style, with a beautiful circle courtyard with many columns. It’s located next to the Tower of Comares and both buildings make a beautiful contrast for their different architectonic styles.

The Rauda: It’s the royal nazari cemetery. Right next to the Rauda, you’ll find the Partal, where you’ll see beautiful gardens and a pond.

The Alcazaba: It was the zone of defense and security of the walled city, so it was the oldest section of  La Alhambra.

turismo granada  Granada Tourism The Alhambra Granada Granada Tourist Guide
View of the Alhambra from the Alcazaba. Photo by erinc salor @Flickr

There are other beautiful areas at the Alhambra in Granada, as the Room of the Abencerrajes, the Room of the Kings, the Room of the Two Sisters, the Bedroom of the Emperor, the Cypresses Courtyard and many more. However, our favorites are the ones we have listed before.

There is something very important to consider whe  you plan to visit the Alhambra. As so many people want to visit it, there are restrictions to get in, so it’s strongly recommended to book your tickets in advance, taking in consideration that they are sold out ver often, specially from May to October, when  it’s high season in Granada.

There are different kinds of tickets, all of them with different accesses and price. Remember to reserve them in advance, if not, probably you won’t find any tickets to go to see this wonderful complex. You can buy them onlin at Alhambra tickets.

Rent an apartment in Granada and come to discover the Alhambra!

turismo granada  Granada Tourism The Alhambra Granada Granada Tourist Guide
The Alhambra in Granada. Photo by heatheronhertravels @Flickr

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