When you stay in a holiday apartment in Madrid, the best thing is to purchase some local products to eat in your own space. In that sense, the ham is one of the most outstanding kind of food that you can find in that purpose. And it can be Parma Ham (jamón Serrano) or cured Iberian Ham (jamón de bellota) depending on the origin of the meat. The Parma Ham is a cured ham made with white pig meat and it uses to be cheaper than the cured Iberian Ham.

toda espana madrid comida y bebida  Restaurants Madrid Eating out in Madrid

Jamón ibérico by yosoynuts en flickr

The cured Iberian Ham is made with the Ibérica pig meat. Those pigs are different because they are raised in the open air and are fed acorn. Depending on the quality of food, the Iberian Ham is classed into 4 different categories: de cebo (ham from pigs that are fed only grain), de cebo campo (ham from pigs that are fed grass and fodder), de recebo (ham from pigs that are fed a combination of acorns and grain) and de bellota (from free-range pigs that eat only acorns).

There are different appellations of origin that corresponds to the different factories of Iberian Ham like Jamón de Huelva, Los Pedroches, de Guijuelo and Dehesa de Extremadura. This latter is also known as Jamón de Jabugo. The appellation of origin guarantees the ham quality, the time it has been cured and the meat origin. Therefore, hams which count with the appellation of origin label are the most delicious hams of Madrid.

toda espana madrid comida y bebida  Restaurants Madrid Eating out in Madrid

Distintos tipos de jamón. Foto de timsackton en flickr

So, finding ham in Madrid is very easy. It is the kind of product you can purchase in every pork butcher´s and groceries. But the point is, where can I buy good ham in Madrid? We recommend you some places:

  • Jamonería López Pascual: the oldest ham factory of Madrid specialized in Iberian Ham. It is located in Corredera Baja de San Pablo 13 (near the Lara Theatre): (+34)91.522.85.12.
  • Masgourmets: very good pork butcher´s and delicatessen products wholesaler in the traditional San Miguel Market (Plaza de San Miguel s/n): (+34).91.541.14.14. Open from Monday until Sunday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Gondiaz: it is located in the Plaza de Marina Española 7 (+34)91.548.73.05
  • El Corte Inglés: yes, you can also buy a large variety of ham in the most famous department store of Spain. You can ask advise to pork butcher. The main advantage in buying ham in the Corte Inglés is that it is the most famous shop center in Spain and in Madrid you will find several of this shop around the city.
toda espana madrid comida y bebida  Restaurants Madrid Eating out in Madrid

Jamón de Bellota. Foto de MG Spain Export Consulting

If you are looking for apartments in Madrid for days, we advice you to buy a little bit of sliced ham and eat it with recently baked bread and with a little bit of olive oil. It is the most delicious way to eat ham in Madrid and if you savor it with a good wine from la Rioja or from la Ribera del Duero, it is even better.

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