toda espana consejos de viaje barcelona  Barcelona Tourist info Things to do in Barcelona Halloween in Barcelona The last weekend of October 2010 is close, the year goes by fast, does not it?.

This weekend will be characterized by its links with the dead and spirits, so we suggest a few activities in Barcelona gloomy and individuals, to have a few days of chilling entertainment.

While it is not a typical Catalan celebration, the celebration of Halloween in Barcelona, has been adopted, like many other parts of the world because it is fun and friendly, considering that this is a cosmopolitan city that all we have our accommodation in Barcelona, we find traces of it everyday culture of many parts of the world.

Museum of Funeral Chariots

This is an activity that can be done all year, what better time to visit this unique museum on Halloween weekend?. The Museum of Funeral Chariots of Barcelona is located on the ground floor of the premises of the Cemeteries of Barcelona, street Joan d’Austria 130 and in it you can see the traditions and burial customs of the people from the last third of the nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth century. Visiting hours are Monday to Friday from 10 to 13 and from 16 to 18h, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 10 to 13, and admission is free
Mexican Day of the Dead:

Mexican culture is very rich, and one of their most important festivals is the celebration of Day of the Dead, which begins on October 31 until November 02, during which the dead “back to earth”. This tradition has its roots in pre-Columbian beliefs, which did not consider death as tragic, but as a stage of human life. Installation is typical altars, where offerings are made of flowers and food, so that the souls that come from beyond the grave to feed upon the long journey they have undertaken. In Barcelona, in recent years there have been commemorating the Day of the Dead, with the Route of the Altars of Barcelona, which organizes activities for this special Mexican tradition in different parts of the city.

Altar of the Dead
Uteart_away.picking.seashells Photo taken from Flickr

This fashionista Costa Dorada resort of Catalan, is well known for its beauty, good facilities, close to Barcelona and the gay-friendly spirit. Last year was the scene of great Halloween parties, we are confident that this time will not fall behind, so if you feel like going, do not forget to wear your costume and the desire to enjoy and dance until the wee hours. It is a very good option for parties, if you are staying in Barcelona apartments or apartments in Sitges.


Returning Catalan traditions, we have the familiar chestnut in the city of Barcelona to celebrate the Day of All Saints. The tradition is to eat roasted chestnuts, panellet (small sweets made with marzipan and almonds) and accompany with sweet potatoes and Muscat, a sweet wine made from grapes. The City Council is organizing several castañadas from 27 to 31 October, in different neighborhoods of the city.

Panellets Castañada typical of Catalan SantiMB photo from Flickr

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