If you’re planning to travel to Barcelona by plane you are probably wondering what the restrictions for luggage are and what you should pack. Here we’ll give some tips for packing, including regulations you must comply, as well as how to identify your luggage and what things you should pack.

What regulations you must comply with your luggage?

Regarding weight and pieces of luggage allowed, you must meet the airline’s parameters. There is no common standard, as each airline has different restrictions, so we strongly suggest you read carefully the terms of baggage transportation, especially if you’ve chosen a low cost flight, which tends to have very strict restrictions and penalties.

Items you cannot carry in your hand luggage?

Carry-on baggage has more stringent restrictions to ensure passenger safety. Note that you should not carry the following items in your hand luggage:

* Firearms or any kind of weapons.
* Tools.
* Pointed or sharp objects (including razors and ice skates).
* Blunt object (including golf clubs, baseball bats)
* Chemicals, toxic or flammable chemicals.

To be able to carry liquids in your hand luggage, the liquids are only allowed in 100 cc containers, which should be contained in a clear plastic bag with closure, separated from the rest of the luggage at the time of the review authorities. The maximum amount for transporting liquids in hand luggage is up to 1 liter in a single bag.

Keep in mind that authorities consider as liquid the following items:

  • Toothpaste, beverages (including drinking water)
  • Shaving cream
  • Hair styling mousse
  • Perfume,
  • Liquid lipstick or lipgloss
  • Creams
  • Spray or liquid  deodorant
  • Liquid or cream makeup
  • Other products with similar consistency.

Creams, liquours and perfume bought at the airport after security checkpoints, with a capacity greater than 100cc, can be transported has hand luggage, as long as you don’t have any scheduled stops before reaching the final destination.

Items you cannot carry on your checked baggage:

Toxic, explosive, corrosive, flammable or radioactive substances.

How to identify your luggage?

  • Be sure to mark your luggage with your name, country, email and phone number. We suggest you put two pieces of identification, one outside and one inside the suitcase.
  • Remove old identifications on flights, as they could create confusion.
  • Add your suitcase an identification feature, which lets you easily find your luggage among a sea of ??other similar bags. We have used a brightly colored ribbon tied on the handle of luggage and has worked perfectly.
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Airport baggage belt. Flickr photo by puregin

Other general tips:

  • Travel with clothes and comfortable shoes that can be used at least two days and include a change of underwear in your hand luggage, so you can use it in case your luggage gets lost.
  • Include in your hand luggage valuables items and things that are not easy to replace, such as reservations, directions, medicines, eyeglasses.
  • Include multi-purpose clothing: jackets that make vests, pants that become shorts.
  • Limit the amount of clothing you’ll wear on the trip when you’re packing. No change of pants and shoes every day. If you want to look different, use accessories.
  • Think if the things you plan to carry in your suitcase could be easily substituted in the place of destination and avoid bringing them with you (disposable shaving razors, toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant).

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