toda espana deportes barcelona  Winter Barcelona Ski Barcelona Sports Barcelona sport activities We continue with the positive and winter sports, talk about a fairly popular and striking, as is the ice skating.

The ice skating emerged the need of the XIV century Dutch, transported via frozen canals, which were rudimentary drawing on skates with wooden blades, which were replaced in 1572 by iron blades. Even today, the Dutch continue to be a force in the development of the modalities of this winter sport.

This conveyance became a sport in the first half of the seventeenth century, practiced by the nobility and his subjects. In 1850, new skates undergo significant transformation as it is made of steel blades fit.


Around the year 1860, joining the blades ice skating simple choreographic elements that characterize skating today and which reached quite popular, so it was added as a discipline in the Olympic Year 1908.

Figure skating involves performing numerous twists, turns and spins, which are evaluated in two dimensions, which are technical difficulty and artistic beauty.

Ice Speed Skating:

Speed skating is a competition that takes place on an elongated track 400 meters long to measure the speed of several skaters, in terms of time (time trial). This type of skating was first included in the Olympics in 1924.

Speed Skating Short Track:

Similar to the previous embodiment, it is to practice skate at high speeds, with the difference that the skaters competing in a track length of 111 meters.

Synchronized skating:

A quite striking mode is synchronized ice skating. In this style, a group of skaters (8 to 20) must perform a routine together, coordinating the execution of turns, jumps, spins, lifts, intersections and other elements of difficulty. To better appreciate this method, we show this video we found on Youtube:

[Youtube video_id = "7nJ2w8p_RMc"]

If you like to skate in Barcelona, we present two options: first, in the Camp Nou has a skating rink in Barcelona as I note in the post winter sports (if you have not checked, you invite you to look at because it has very interesting information), and the second, also can practice ice skating at the Skating Club of Barcelona.

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