Barcelona is a very popular city under Erasmus students to study for one or more semesters. Most of them go to university and others are here for internships or just to study Spanish.

What if these student would govern the city?

Let´s start with the University schedules. Chances are it´s going to be a little different. What student wants to go to a lecture in the middle of the night (lecturers call it morning) with sleepy eyes? Right, no lectures before 3 pm at all. And what about exams on Monday? Ridiculous! Tests on Monday will no longer be allowed. Friday, of course, is part of the weekend, so the Friday will become a free study day. Economically all very interesting, cause this means Thursdays will become another perfect day to go clubbing.

toda espana consejos de viaje barcelona  Info on Barcelona

Would whis become the ´Student House´? by Francesc_2000 via Flickr

Some universities are situated on the edge of town. Not very useful when your perfect located student room is situated in de centre city. It means at least half hour travel to get there. Up and down an hour and that´s a waste of time. In order to solve this the alderman of urban planning will have to chance plans and ´hops´, all of those faculties move to the center. Nice and practical!

That does not mean that students no longer need to travel and thus this brings us to the next topic: Public transport … Of course it would become free, because travelling is a necessity of life for students. As well as time is money. Walking everywhere is not going fast enough because at that time you could have spent studying as well. Just absolutely free and oh yeah! At night they should run the metro too, just whenever you leave the club you can get home as fast as possible to make sure you will have enough rest to make it to next day´s lectures. If you are going to take a taxi, they should not charge extra night fee and more than 4 people each cab will be allowed, all to reduce costs of the poor students. An additional bus line from club to club would also be nice.

Bicing bicycles can be used only by people with a Spanish bank account and at night they are not available at all. This should change and although this maybe is a minor adjustment, it is a practical one. For that reason and because of the security, there will have to be more bicycle paths along the sides of the roads.

toda espana consejos de viaje barcelona  Info on Barcelona

Free travelling by public transport by daviles via Flickr

All well and good talking about health, but the smoking law is also a bit exaggerated. Just cancel that and smoke again wherever you want. Especially in bars of course…

Going out is expensive in Barcelona. But you have to socialize, right? Again a necessity of life, so entrance fees for clubs have to go down and just set a maximum price for all catering establishments. No ridiculously high prices anymore for a drink you need for hydrating your body: beer for maximum € 2.- a glass.

The Spaniards call it botellon (which means people drink and party on the streets) and it is forbidden nowadays. That has to change too. Everywhere you want to party, including in parks and on the beach, it will be allowed again. Barbequing will be permitted and the street vendors can legally trade their beer and other related snacks. Again economically interesting cause VAT will be included and interspersed in treasury.

Finally: Of course it is not convenient for you to enjoy your free Sunday when you cannot go for shopping. The shops will also be open on Sunday, very lucrative for economy too.

Well, if Barcelona would be governed by Erasmus students…

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