toda espana deportes barcelona  Sports Barcelona sport activities As part of the adventure sports in Barcelona, now talk of climbing. Climbing is a sport that involves climbing steep walls, (for which we could not climb using only legs and feet), using all four limbs. This is an extreme activity, which is of great importance both physical strength and mental focus.

In this sport, we face the dangers inherent in being a considerable heights, for this reason we recommend the use of some type of safety equipment (special shoes, helmets, ropes, harnesses, descenders, fasteners, etc.) as well as be accompanied by instructors as we become familiar with the technique.

There are several options for scaling in Barcelona, among the most important are:

Climbing wall in Barcelona is a type of indoor climbing, perfect to learn and perfect the art of climbing. Involves climbing, using safety equipment for artificial walls, which are provided at different levels of support that facilitate the rise and in which you can control the levels of difficulty. One option that exists for this type of climbing is climbing and Cercleaventura Climbat Climbing Barcelona in Girona
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Barcelona Rock Climbing: climbing in practice we’re talking about rock climbing walls that encientran outdoors. Among the schools that offer courses of this type of climbing is climbing Cercleaventura MadTeam Barcelona, Girona.

Ice climbing Barcelona: being one of the more complex forms, ice climbing is the ascent of surface ice or packed snow. It is a dangerous sport, as the surface may be slippery, or too brittle and / or less compact, which is essential for the use of a very complete safety equipment. In the Catalan Pyrenees can practice ice climbing, specifically in the Vall de Boi.

Barcelona Sport Climbing: A form of climbing that involves the use of fixed anchors, to facilitate the work of the climber, reduce risks and allow you to focus on technique. One of the courses available in this mode, near Barcelona is the Encordat Climbing, located in the city of Tarragona.

Barcelona Bouldering Climbing: climbing bouldering is a form consisting of blocks of rock climbing wall or up to about 8 meters high. in this type of climbing do not use the traditional protective equipment and the most striking feature is that it is great difficulty paths, but short.

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Climbing courses carried out in Catalonia, are an ideal choice for multisport Barcelona want an experience, some academies located directly in the city and some other outside. For climbing decide on the latter, many of them managed rural property, but you could also choose to get accommodation in Barcelona

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    El Rocódromo que más me gusta es “La Fuixarda de Montjuic en Barcelona”, es el mayor rocodromo urbano gratuito del mundo.

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