La Vila de Gracia in Barcelona is a charming neighborhood ideal for those looking to get away from the tourist bustle and being in an authentic area, in the spirit of a town in a big city. One of the attractions of Vila de Gracia is that we can find a cafeteria or a bar on every corner, so it’s the ideal place to have a drink and chat with friends.

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Vila de Gracia do not have a large shopping area, however, here you can find small shops, boutiques for clothing and complements that are really special. This area is the perfect place for being outdoors, since its narrow streets and the many terraces in the district are just like an invitation to do so.

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If you are in search of a quieter, safer and cleaner place than the old town of Barcelona, ??staying in apartments in Vila de Gracia in Barcelona is an ideal choice.

Just walking at LaVila de Gracia is a pleasure, however we’ll suggest some interesting spots in the area:

  • Casa Fuster (Passeig de Gracia 132): Modernist building designed by the famous Catalan architect Domenech i Muntaner.
  • Calle Verdi: One of the busiest streets in Vila de Gracia, full of life, restaurants and bars.
  • Cine Verdi (Verdi Street 32): One of the most important cinemas in Barcelona. This cinema presents good American and European films in original version. If you prefer more cultural films, rather than commercial movies, Cine Verdi is for you.
  • Plaza del Sol: Nice Square with bars, restaurants and terraces. Takes its name from a sundial sculpture that you can find here.
  • Plaza de la Vila de Gracia: Formerly known as Plaza de Rius i Taulet, is a pleasant square with outdoor cafes, whose distinctive feature is the famous Clock Tower. Here is the seat of municipal government.
  • Plaza de la Virreina: Beautiful place in the neighborhood of Gracia, with several trees that provide shade and perfect for taking a “tapa” (spanish appetizer) and a drink in summer evenings.
  • Botafumeiro Restaurant (Gran Gracia Street 81): This Galician seafood restaurant is one of the best in Barcelona. The quality of the food and customer service is excellent. Prices are high, but they correspond with the quality of the restaurant.
  • El Patio Latino (Martinez de la Rosa Street 10): Peruvian food is very popular in several countries, and in this restaurant you will find nice traditional Peruvian cuisine. The fish “ceviche” is delicious.
  • La Taberna Griega(Torrent de l’Olla Street 123): traditional Greek restaurant, very tasty and with affordable prices. The mussaka is excellent and the first course of a variety of Greek creams “Pikilia” for two is delicious.

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