One of the oldest breweries in Barcelona, the Cervecería Moritz, reopened its doors in the heart of the city after few decades existing only in the spirit of its huge fans. Founded in 1856 by Louis Moitz, it was the first beer factory in Barcelona. In 1864, it opened its doors in the Ronda de San Antoni, and that was how the best beers in Barcelona were manufactured for years. In the early 60′s, when the infrastructures became insufficient in San Antoni, the factory merged with another producer and became Cervezas Barcelona. This new organization disapeared in 1978.

About 30 years later, in 2004, Louis Moritz’s succession decided to reopen the Fábrica Moritz in Barcelona, under its original name. At the same time the rehabilitation of the building began, with a different perspective. The aim was going further from the simple manufacture of the beer as the parent company did, that is why they created the Gastronomic Center in Barcelona Moritz. A place thought differently, space with an interesting gastronomic, broadcasting and cultural area.

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Gastronomic Center Moritz: to enjoy a freshly made beeer

The renovation of the local is in charge of the prodigious architect Jean Nouvel. The new space retained the original walls dating back over 150 years, and tanks in reinforced concrete that were used in 20 years. In addition, they installed a long pewter bar (25 meters long) on which you will enjoy the traditional Moritz beer freshly prepared given that it will be an artisanal manufacture instead of a pasteurized one. For the manufacture of their beer they will only use mineral water Font Santa, houplon, malt and barley.

In this gastronomic atmosphere, the place would be divided in 4 spaces with different atmospheres. The idea is to change the old factory in a gastronomis center. Spaces made to eat are like that: a brewery, a VIP area to taste wines, a brasserie style restaurant and a casual dining area. The menu will be made by the famous Chef Jordi Vala. In a few months, it will be possible to enjoy traditional and artisanal drinks and enjoy a museum and an exhibition hall at the same time at the Fábrica Moritz in Barcelona. Open from 6.00 am to 3:00 pm, the center pretend that they will present exhibitions and shows high-level.

comida y bebida barcelona  Restaurants Barcelona Eating out in Barcelona

Moritz Beer. Back in its original place.

To visit the Gastronomic Center Moritz we advise you to rent a daily touristic apartment in Barcelona. The old factory is located in the 39 of the Ronda de San Antoni (San Antoni subway, line 2). You can easily find an apartment in Barcelona in its surroundings.

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