For lovers of books, those who not only love to read but are also interested in their history, materials, or the various editions that have left their mark all along the different periods, there is among the museums of Spain that hosts a great treasures of literature: the Museum of the National Library.

National Library of Spain is an independent agency that has two seats. One is located in Alcalá de Henares, a building with 6 towers that hosts more than 250 kilometers of shelves and newly developed (1988).

The second is in Madrid at Paseo de los Recoletos 20, in the Palacio de Bibliotecas to Museums, built between 1866 and 1896. It contains, in addition to the library of Madrid, the National Archaeological Museum of Spain and the Museum of the National Library of Spain (former Museum of the book).

To know the Museum of the National Library of Spain you should make a reservation for the tour. The tour is free, phone: 003491 580 77 59.

Due to the ongoing work of restoration and preservation of copies of the Museum of the National Library visits all have timetables and pre-established days. Pathways of simple groups are held from Tuesday to Thursday at 11am, 11.30am and 12am. Fridays only at 11am. For the full itinerary is on Tuesdays (17h30), Wednesday and Thursday (17h). For the general public and is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays (17h) and the first and last Saturday of each month at 12am.

If you rent an apartment in central Madrid, visit the museum is very simple: Metro Line 4 (Station Colón) or buses 5, 14, 27, 37, 45. 53 and 150.

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