The month of December is coming and people start to make plans to celebrate the arrival of the New Year. If you plan a trip for this date, Why don’t you come to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Barcelona? 

Even ehen it’s more popular to spend celebrate the New Year in the capital of Spain, choosing to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Barcelona will not disappoint you, because you will have the chance to spend a special evening while you are in place where the winter is milder than in other parts of the country, because the tourism in Barcelona is always benefited with the mediterranean weather of the city, with soft winters.

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Agbar Tower lit in New Year’s Eve. Photo by toniher @flickr

If you come to spend the festivities of December in Barcelona, you have to consider that here is not really common to gather in a public place in the city centre to wait for the chimes that announces the New Year arrival, like in Madrid, in fact there aren’t any parties on the street; however, there are groups of people -especially foreigners- that gather together at Plaza Catalunya, the main square of the city. But for sure, the best option available is to organize a private dinner in house -that is perfectly possible, even if you don’t live in town, if you rent a daily apartment in Barcelona- or to reserve to have dinner in one of the many good restaurants you will find in the city; usually the restaurants prepare special menus for the occasion. The catalan food, always delicious, shines in the New Year’s Eve menus of the restaurants in Barcelona.

Do not forget that Catalonia is the region that produces the cava, a sparkling wine similar to champagne very popular in Spain, and for sure any New Year’s Eve here is accompanied by lots of cava. 

The Agbar Tower of Barcelona, symbol of the contemporary architecture in the city, is lit in an spectacular way in New Year’s Eve, with shining designs that change at the rhythm of the 12 chimes that announce the arrival of the New Year. If you stay in a rental apartment in Barcelona with views over this Tower, you will be impressed for sure.

If you wanna party until the following morning, the best discotheques in Barcelona organize special parties for celebrating the New Year. We will write another post with information of some of these parties, as soon as we have more information, but you need to know that if you book the tickets in advance to go to any of these parties, you’ll have the chance to benefit with lower promotional prices.

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