Nicolas Jaar is one of the most outstanding artists who will perform at the Festival of Advanced Music and Multimedia Art, Sonar 2011 in Barcelona, ??between the 16th and 18th of June 2011. Checking out the Sonar 2011 Barcelona calendar, show us that Nicolas Jaar specifically will be performing June 16th at the concert at Sonar by day.

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Sonar Barcelona. Foto de activefree en flickr

Nicolas Jaar just turned 21 years old. He is born in New York in 1990, but spent his childhood in the city of Santiago de Chile. Later he returned to the U.S. and there, when he was 14 years old, he made is debute making electro music. At 17 he recorded his first album “EP Student” and at 18 he began to play in important global clubs like Club der Visionaire in Berlin, the Marcy club in New York, the Communiky club in the United States and club Mutek in Mexico.


Nicolas Jaar – ´Space is the only noise if you can see´

This year Nicolas has launched its new work “Space Is The Only Noise” has been very well received by critics. Surprising a young boy is making such quality electro music. His work is very relaxing and it is very easy to get caught in the sound. Jaar makes a very interesting fusion of various rhythms, such as house, folk, experimental electro, blues, repetition of sounds and above all an excellent command of silence that leads to a sound which is mysterious, enigmatic, relaxed and mature. No wonder some call him the “wonder boy of electro music.” He has created his own label Clown and Sunset.

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