turismo toda espana madrid  Madrid tourist info Things to do in Madrid Puerta del Sol The Puerta del Sol is perhaps the most important square in Madrid. As is characteristic of the Spanish capital, there are a lot of tourist attractions and as you will see below this is no more of them:

Highlight the clock tower that was made and donated in the nineteenth century by José Rodríguez de Losada and where the chimes of December 31 to 12 at night are those that are televised by major Spanish television while Madrid used as the official clock for the new year.
As for its history, the Puerta del Sol was in principle an entry that surrounded Madrid in the fifteenth century. It is named because the sun reflected the entrance, which was there in order to lead the way to the city of Levante. In 1986 it was reformed by various architects, who added pedestrian paths and different lanterns to give a light that makes it unique.
Here you will find the famous tourist attractions of the Statue of the Bear and the Strawberry Tree, which were made in 1967. This is a daily meeting place for the locals, who commonly use it as a reference point.
The street, located in the vicinity of the square, is a great bazaar, called Grand Bazaar years ago Union. This attraction would lead to department stores in the area.
Next to Puerta del Sol are located great historic buildings, including the San Felipe el Real convent. It was built between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and one of its most famous was Fray Luis de León. There you can also see the Statue of Mariblanca, which was acquired by the Florentine merchant Ludovico Turchi to justify the disappearance of the Source of the Faith
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Among the anecdotal evidence is good that the Puerta del Sol is reflected in various film events like “Views of the Puerta del Sol”, “The mystery of the Puerta del Sol”, “KM. 0″ and “the day of the beast “.
Since the beginning of the last century opened many cafes in the area, which became well known and are visited by hundreds of people. You can also find excellent restaurants, which are also a must for tourists for the great care given.
Puertas del Sol is an almost obligatory stop for those who want to know the beautiful city of Madrid. Search Apartments Puerta del Sol or rent apartments per day can be a great choice when fully enjoy this beautiful place.

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