When we plan our holiday we want to make the most out of everything that involves travel, transportation, meals, walks, visits and, of course, housing. You’ve probably heard that one of the best options to stay is to book one of the apartments in Barcelona to rent for days or weeks.

This option is very convenient for all travelers, but especially for families and groups of friends who do not want to book multiple hotel rooms. For many travelers planning your trip is very important, and it starts with looking for transportation. While it is quite easy to find a flight, searching the Internet, perhaps you thought it was not so easy to find an apartment in Barcelona. Here are some tips on how to book an apartment in Barcelona.

As with any journey, the search will be easier when you are clear on what you want. Most apartments usually have one or two bedrooms and can house 2 up to 4 people sleeping in beds. The more normal apartments also have a sofa bed in the room, so two people can stay in the same space. Usually, the websites to book an apartment allow you to search by date, so you can quickly view the apartments that are available on the dates you specified. It is very important that if you’re not clear about the dates of your trip, get in touch with customer service and explain your situation to them in order to receive personal attention.

Once you find an apartment that suits your needs, on both availability and location, price and equipment, you are prompted to confirm your reservation. To confirm the reservation, it will require an advance payment, which means you need to pay a part of the total costs of your stay. To make this payment, the most common is that you can use a credit card or PayPal account. Once you have booked an apartment, you will receive a confirmation e-mail of your payment and all details of the apartment. It will also include an explanation with instructions to get the key(s). Most of the times the guest proceeds directly to the apartment. Over there someone will be waiting to hand over the keys and show you the operation of the available equipment.

Usually, the data of the person who greets guests are detailed in the confirmation e-mail. Barcelona is a city where getting around is very simple. If you arrive by train, you can easily access to the subway and head to the apartment. If you fly, you can easily reach the city by bus, train or taxi. We recommend you look at our handy guide for travelers in Barcelona, where you’ll find several tips and useful information for planning your trip.

Once you arrive at the apartment, you will be asked to pay the remaining rent. Most apartments request payment to be in cash. This is because there are very few apartments with a terminal bank card payment. If you have questions about how to pay the outstanding balance, it is best to seek assistance from the company´s website where you made your booking. Furthermore, it is normal that you’re asked to pay a deposit (or damage deposit). This deposit – in conventional apartments-, is requested as a guarantee for any damage to the apartment or furnishings.

Daily Barcelona apartments usually include towels and sheets, so you do not need to bring your own. It is very important to keep up with the restrictions for checking in and out of the apartments, in order to plan your trip more comfortable and avoid surprises that may force you to change your plans at the last minute.

To get the most out of your stay, you can use Google Maps to locate the apartment you booked and look at the places and attractions nearby. You can ask the person who receives you in the apartment about nearby grocery stores, restaurants or other relevant places.

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