We continue with the romantic mood in Desig Barcelona blog, as we have started recently with our post about  Romantic places in Barcelona and what to do in a romantic getway in Barcelona. For sure, if you decide to make a trip to Barcelona in couple is would be a pleasure, as ity is possible to make different kinds of romantic activities in Barcelona, from a touritic tours while holding hands, until much more original ideas, as the ones we are presenting here.

Thinking about romance and looking for something different to do with your couple… what could be better to stay for a day just hugging and kissing your couple in an apartment in Barcelona, while some surprises start arriving at the door? Your couple will be delighted and it would be a good excuse for not going out that day, but to stay the whole day enjoying the pleasure of being together. It is not neccesary to choose all these activities, juts one or two will be enough to make that special person feel like the center of your world.

Delivery breakfast in Barcelona

Pick the breakfast you prefer by internet, give the baddress of the apartment where you choose to stay. At the time you had chosen, you’ll receive the breakfast, so you can enjoy at the bed if you want to. Three of the enterprises offering this service in Barcelona are TeledesayunosRegalo Original and Bon Dia Desayunos

Delivery chef in Barcelona:

A delicious dinner with your partner is always romantic, specially in privacy. If you do not know how to cook -or if you do not want to do it-and however want to enjoy of the a very romantic dinner in Barcelona, you can hire a chef for cooking a wonderful meal in the apartment you have rented, while both of you relax and have a wonderful evening. Some enterprises offering this service of catering in Barcelona are: In la Teva Cocina and My Days.

Delivery massage in Barcelona:

It is possible to receive a massage specialist in an apartment in Barcelona for pampering you both. Just make the reservation with a enterprise offering this service, such as Fisioakasa

Delivery flowers in Barcelona:

Yes, this a very trite idea, buy most of girls just love to receive flowers, so sending a bunch of them to the apartment is always a wonderful idea. Some of the enterprises offering flower delivery in Barcelona are  Todo Rosas and Floristería Barcelona.

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