The neighborhood of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona belongs to the Eixample district and is one of the nicest residential areas of the city. The wonderful temple of the Sagrada Familia is located in this area and gives the neighborhood a special charm. Also, the area is ideal if you come on vacations to Barcelona, ??because it has great artistic and commercial appeal, and good public transport communication with the rest of the city.

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Major attractions located at Sagrada Familia neighborhood: You can download our Mini Guide for Sagrada Familia neighborhood

La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona: It is the most important architectural work of Catalan Modernism. Even though it is still under construction, but this temple is the most visited monument in Spain, receiving nearly 3 million visitors yearly. Being the center of the neighborhood, it is virtually impossible not to see the temple of Sagrada Familia every day when you are staying in the area, which is such a privilege. If you want to visit the Sagrada Familia, it would be a great option to book your tickets online considering the large line to access it.

turismo toda espana barcelona  Barcelona Tourist info Sagrada Familia Barcelona Things to do in Barcelona Eixample Barcelona
Sagrada Familia temple, photo by kevinpoh in flickr

Avenida Gaudi: Gaudí Avenue is a pleasant boulevard, which starts at Plaza Gaudi (Gaudi’s Square), whose charm is that it connects Sagrada Familia temple with the Hospital de Sant Pau, another major work of Catalan Modernism. Along the avenue you will find shops, restaurants and bars with beautiful terraces with views of the Sagrada Familia and Hospital de Sant Pau. Note the beautiful modernist streetlights found in this avenue.

turismo toda espana barcelona  Barcelona Tourist info Sagrada Familia Barcelona Things to do in Barcelona Eixample Barcelona
Gaudi Avenue and Sagrada Familia temple. Photo by renatamrtins in flickr

Hospital de Sant Pau (Street Sant Antoni Maria Claret 167): Hospital de Sant Pau is one of the most important modernist complexes of Barcelona. Designed by the renowned architect Domenech i Muntaner, it has 16 unique and very beautiful pavilions. The architect’s idea was that the hospital was such a beautiful place that will help to cheer up the sick people staying there. Currently under renovation, but you can still go inside to know its facilities. If you want to do a guided tour these are the schedules: 10:15 and 12:15 for English tours and 13:15 for tours in Spanish.

turismo toda espana barcelona  Barcelona Tourist info Sagrada Familia Barcelona Things to do in Barcelona Eixample Barcelona
Avenida Gaudi and Hospital de Sant Pau. Photo by Jen SFO-BCN in flickr

Sagrada Familia’s Market (Street Padilla 255): If you want to know a true neighborhood market in Barcelona, ??away from tourists, this may be a good choice. You won’t find in here the bustling of the famous Boqueria market, nor is the best of the markets in Barcelona, ??but will find a wide variety of fresh fruits, seafood, beef, pork, cheese, charcuterie and more.

Michael Collins Bar (Plaza Sagrada Familia 4): One of the favorite Irish pubs for Desig Barcelona team. This is one of the best bars in Barcelona to watch football, also, several nights a week features live music.

Featured Restaurants:

  • La Paradeta (Passage Simon 18): An unpretentious seafood restaurant with high quality and affordable prices. Forget the table service; you will get your plate when ready. You decide how much seafood you’ll take, either grilled or breaded, and make the combinations you prefer. They do not accept debit or credit cards or reservations. There may be long lines to eat here.
  • The Piazzenza (Avenida Gaudi 27): You’ll find this pizzeria at Gaudi Avenue, which offers tasty pizzas of different flavors. Please note that credit/debit cards are not accepted.
  • Chilam Balam (Calle Industria 126): One of the good Mexican restaurants in Barcelona. This is traditional Mexican food, not Tex-Mex. The “tacos al pastor” are very good, margaritas too.

Fast food:

Due to the large amount of tourists flocking around the temple of Sagrada Familia, you’ll find the most recognized chains of fast food in its surroundings:

  • Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC): Gaudi Avenue 2
  • Domino’s Pizza: Street Marina 255
  • Mc Donald’s: Street Provença 427
  • Starbucks: Sagrada Familia Square 19
  • Subway: Sagrada Familia Square 17

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