comida y bebida barcelona  Tapas Barcelona Restaurants Barcelona Eating out in Barcelona Going out for tapas in any city in Spain is part of the compulsory tour to visit any city and is an excellent choice for hanging out with friends in any city where you live. We all have our favorite place to go to eat the “best patatas bravas” or the place where they make the “best omelette” and certainly not change our tapas bar by any other, no matter what we say and what we have.

In Barcelona, the tapas bars are spread throughout the city and we can find from the corner bar to a true classic Basque tavern to enjoy a good “pintxos”. We have come Barcelona visiting many tapas bars and restaurants most popular and famous, discover some that are a closely guarded secret of Barcelona society. Today we present a guide to tapas bars with five alternative proposals, where you can go to try new things, atypical and in some cases, even exotic.

Two Sticks

This particular bar Raval is an authentic and innovative jewel of Barcelona. The restaurant is a tapas bar with a touch of Asian fusion cuisine. The creators of this concept is a Catalan and Japanese collaborators of El Bulli above. The bar has two areas, one for tapas stand and without reserve, and Japanese style bar which must be booked in advance. Price per person: € 35-45. Website: Two chopsticks


One of the tapas bars in Barcelona busiest in the Raval area is the Wolf, Skylight group. This bar is famous for its original decor, for its central location and the vanguard of its concept. In this bar not only find the typical tapas of any bar, but a mixture of styles and cuisines from around the world. In addition, the space is divided into two, with half the restaurant’s Japanese, so if you fancy some sushi, so you can ask. Approximate price per person: 20-30 €. Website: Bar Lobo.

The Esquinica

This bar is one of the best kept secrets in Barcelona. Far from the bustle of downtown and the tourist area, this family pub is located in the Nou Barris and can be easily reached by metro (station Vilapicina). It was very crowded, so get there early or reserve a table, as the wait for those who can improvise a couple of hours. The menu is extensive and varied, and the service is so good that many people recommended. Approximate price per person: 20-30 €. Address: Passeig de Fabra i Puig 296, 08031, Barcelona.

Tapaç 24

If you know the famous Commerce 24-1 of the best restaurants in Barcelona, I love tapas 24. A fusion concept – cuisine – chef Carles Abella is famous for having been part of El Bulli -, with a more casual, where you can taste innovative versions of classic tapas. Definitely a place for those looking for quality food with a twist. Price per person: € 30-40. Website: Tapaç 24


Mosquito is an Asian tapas bar located in the terminal, where the specialty is handmade pies. Here you will find plenty of beers to drink and small variety of Asian dishes, especially from Hong Kong and China. Its different and affordable kitchen and its central location makes it an excellent choice for any day of the week. Price per person: € 15 to 25. Website: Mosquito

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  1. Bares Auténticos says:

    El tapas24 está muy bien, aunque siempre abarrotado, por eso es mejor el Velódromo, que es de los mismos y lo mismo tienes mejor suerte y te sientas al llegar. En La Esquinica no he estado pero muchos me dicen que ya no es lo que fue…

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