One of the most beautiful things to do during the month of December in Barcelona is to go to the traditional Christmas markets in Barcelona. There you’ll find a lots of things related to Chrismas celebrations and even if you’re not from Barcelona, for sure you’ll enjoy the chance to find out how the catalonians celebrate Christmas, while you discover some of tehir most particular traditions.

compras barcelona  Christmas Barcelona Flea Markets in Barcelona Santa Llucía Faire december in Barcelona
Fira de Santa Llucía Chrismas Market in Barcelona. Photo by jcorrius @Flickr

Without any questions, the Fira de Santa Llucia is the most important Christmas market in Barcelona. In fact, according to many people, this is one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe… and definetely, we’re agree!!!

Fira de Santa Llucia is located in the Gothic Quarter, just in front of the Cathedral of Barcelona, in the Seu square and surroundings. There you’ll find hundreds of booths, organized in 3 main sections:

  • Green Section: with Christmas trees, moss, cork, mistletoe, ribbons, lights. We’re sure that in here there is something that will catch yoou attention, the traditional  “Caga-Tiós” that are logs decorated with faces and a red hat -according to the catalan tradition, the Tió is given to the children and they have to take care of it, until Christmas Eve in Barcelona, when the kids sing a song the log and hit it with a stick, until the Tió “shits” small gifts, such as candies and turrones (nougat candy typical in Spanish Christmas).
  • Figures and craft section: here you’ll see all kinds of figures needed to build the traditional nativity scene. In this section there is another curious and funny element of the Christmas tradition of Catalonia that gets the attention of everybody. It’s the popular caganer, a character that represent a squatting person that is shitting, representing the fertilization of the fields; at the beggining the traditional caganer was a  payes –catalan peasant- but nowaday there are different caganers every year that represent national and international famous people that have been relevant in the year, so you will see royals, actores, athletes, politicians, musicians and more.

We promise you’ll have an awesome time while seeing the different caganers of the year, especially if it’s the first time that you actually see this tradition.

compras barcelona  Christmas Barcelona Flea Markets in Barcelona Santa Llucía Faire december in Barcelona
Caganers. Photo byCarlos Lorenzo @flickr
  • The last section is for selling music instruments typical in Christmas.

The Christmas market of Santa Llucia is usually installed at the very late November or the beggining of December, until the day before Christmas Eve. To get there, the best option is to go in metro and get down in Jaume I station (L4 yellow).

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