toda espana deportes barcelona  Winter Barcelona Ski Barcelona Sports Barcelona sport activities Ski season in Barcelona is coming, and then we present the methods that have this popular winter sport. While it is true that these types of skiing can be practiced by those who are interested in skiing in Spain, it is of interest to know the differences between each of their styles.

Alpine Skiing: One of the most attractive and popular forms of ski descents is as fast as possible, on a curvy road, which runs indicated gates. For those interested in skiing in Barcelona, you can practice this modality in the resorts of La Molina, Port del Comte, Baqueira Beret.

Cross country skiing is also called squi Nordic or cross-country skiing, is a form of this winter sport, which is characterized by long distances, up to 150 kilometers. It is known as Nordic skiing, as in these countries began to be used as a form of transport, given that its floors are covered with snow much of the year. You can practice this type of ski Aransa station, located in the Catalan Pyrenees, and also in Baqueira Beret, Port del Comte and La Molina, near Barcelona.

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Biathlon: a method to combine skiing paths with spaces in which to make shots with a rifle on static targets. During practice, athletes must carry the rifle in the back.

Ski archery: Archery with ski practice is similar to the biathlon, but instead of shooting with a rifle, are made with a bow, in two different positions: standing and kneeling. The athlete must be in contact at all times with the skis, but is allowed to unleash skiing shooting knees.

Freestyle Skiing: is also known as freestyle skiing, and in two categories, more than speed, it is to demonstrate the skills of the athlete in the snow. The skiing has been practiced aerial wooden platforms covered with snow and since they are performed acrobatic jumps that are evaluated by a jury, which takes into account both the takeoff, as the jump and landing. The mogul skiing, however, is done on a steep slope with a length of 250 meters, full of irregularities (sags and mounds) and skiers must perform two acrobatic jumps.

Nordic Combined: A combined modality that combines ski jumping with cross-country skiing. First, they made the ski jumps (two per person, whether it be individual or group competition), and then, competition is done cross-country skiing.

Ski Jumping: This is going down a ramp on skis at high speed, in order to build momentum for a jump that allows land as far as possible.

Speed Skiing: skiing speed is falling on a hillside, with the aim of achieving the highest possible speeds. The tracks for this winter sport have a length of 1 kilometer, and the speed is measured between 400 and 500 meters.

Skiboarding: it is a very unusual form that combines elements of skating, snowboarding (winter sports on which discuss in posts to be published very soon on the blog of Desig Barcelona) and skiing. As a team, is the use of skiboards, which are tied to typical snow boots. The skiboards resemble traditional skis, but are shorter and wider.

Skibobbing: A winter sport whose practice uses a bicycle frame type that is subject to skis instead of wheels.

Skijoring: In this mode, a person on skis is pulled by dogs, a horse or vehicle.

Telemark is also known as free heel skiing, is to make money on ski boards. To practice, you have the skis tied only to the forefoot, so skiers should kneel almost completely in order to make turns.

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