toda espana deportes barcelona  Winter Barcelona Ski Barcelona Sports Barcelona sport activities The snowboarding is a winter sport that has gained a following in recent times. Involves descending a snow-covered hill, slipping a specialty board or snowboard. The snowboarding became a Winter Olympic Sport in 1999

Snowboarding or snowboard, may have a length ranging from 1.20 meters in the case of those that are used by children, to 2.15 m, but the usual measures ranging between 1.40 and 1, 65 meters in length and between 15 and 30 cms wide, as a rule, the longer and / or wider is a snowboard, the more stable, therefore, the less long and / or wide, easier to do tricks . Tables are often made of wood, with fiberglass center, and should have fixings for the feet. If you need a snowboard in Barcelona, there are several sports shops that sell them, or you can choose to rent them when you go to a ski resort.

Allie Snowboarding

As snowboarding technique, is that the athlete must manterse upright on a snowboard, one foot forward and one back, secured by the fixings for the feet, and so downward to slide, reaching high speeds and / or performing jumps. No need to know to learn to ski snowboarding, because the movements are not equal and can be learned easily.

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There are various ways within the snowboarding and the most important are:

Freestyle or Freestyle Snowboarding: consists basically slide pirouetting. In this style, there are several subdivisions, which are:
• Snowbording half pipe or half pipe: it is one of the most difficult extreme sports where the athlete slides along a track, which has an average gradient, and between 50 and 110 meters long, with side walls between 2 and 3.5 meters, arranged half-way tube. It must descend to the highest speed possible and make several jumps, also as high as possible.
• Snowboarding Slopestyle: The track has a series of obstacles, such as jumps, rails and boxes, and snowboarder must overcome them, trying to do all the tricks possible.
• Big air and big jump: As its name suggests, is to do just a single jump, very high (several meters), during which the snowboarder have to do the best stunts of which he is capable.
• Jibbing: this is slide on rails and drawers.
• Quaterpipe: This is hurtling by quarter levels pipe, and jump as high as possible, trying to do the best stunts or to fly higher than other snowboarders.
Snowboarding Slalom: There are two different types, which are:
• Parallel Slalom: This is a race on tracks with slopes ranging between 80 and 150 meters in which there are two snowboarders gliding simultaneously zigzag, dodging between 20-35 flags, separated by distances ranging between 7 to 12 meters. As there can always ensure that both tracks are exactly the same conditions, there is a second career, in which competitors change track and at the end, add up the times of two runs and wins you have done in less time .
• Giant Slalom: Very similar to previous discipline, but the track has a slope much steeper, ranging from 150 to 300 meters, so that this is the type of snowboarding faster also includes some jumps and spins, and the number of flags is determined by slope of the track.
If you want to practice extreme sports in Barcelona, take the opportunity to learn and / or snowboarding this winter. You can visit the resorts of La Molina, Baqueira Beret, La Masella and Port del Comte, all of them close to Barcelona.

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