One of the most typical spring celebrations in Barcelona is the Sant Jordi´s day (St George´s Day). So if you do not live in the city but as the 23rd of April comes you are in Barcelona, you will be amazed by the number of books and roses´ point of sales (the red ones are the most commons but there you can also see crystal roses, fabric roses and other roses made with unthinkable material…). Besides, you will see a lot of couples walking on the street with the girl holding a flower in her hand and you will ask yourself; what the hell is going on?

On the 23rd of April of each year, people celebrate the St George´s day in Barcelona because as far as Catalan people are concerned, this day is an equivalent of the St Valentine´s day. In fact, St George is the patron of Catalunya.

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Typical roses´ point of sales. Foto de Francesc_2000 en flickr

How does the St George´s legend appear?

The legend says that there was a village in which people were terrified by a malicious dragon that only calmed down with the sacrifice of one sheep and one person chosen thanks to a draw among the village´s inhabitants. One day, the princess of the village had been drawn but St George´s saved her by killing the dragon with his sword. It is said that when the blood of the dragon´s reached the floor, it turned into red roses.

Since then, in Catalunya on every 23rd of April, in order to recall the noble gesture of St George, men gave women roses, and women gave men a book to celebrate the occasion (“a rose for love and a book forever”).

If you are in Barcelona on St George´s day 2012, don´t forget to go to the most emblematic areas of the city centre (Las Ramblas, El Borne, or the Gothic Quarter) where you will be amazed by the quantity of flowers you´ll see there.

toda espana eventos barcelona  Sant Jordi Barcelona Events Barcelona

Roses´sale on St George´s day. Foto de Francesc_2000 en flickr

Other interesting thing that you can do on St George´s day in Barcelona is to enjoy the day to discover the inside of the Barcelona´s town council that is opened to public to commemorate this important day.

If you can´t wait to experiment romance in Barcelona, rent a cheap apartment in Barcelona and make sure to come to the city on the 23rd of April.

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